Nov 30, 2009

Happy Wedding

Finally, the exam was over.
Last last week I had attended my friend's wedding day.
Kinda tired as I only slept 3 hours. =.=
Eye bags and panda circle came out in one night.

Arrived her house in the very very early morning.
Ah mana zai, the married couple just woke up.
The bridegroom came on 10 something in the morning.
I was tired of waiting. ><
Anyway, here are some of the pictures to be shared.

The bride.

There are only few pictures on that day due to the busyness.

Nov 25, 2009

The Wedding Dinner

Recently still in exam and I still have time to update my blog. lmao.
Last week before my exam I was attending my hubby's friend wedding dinner.
Stupid traffic jam caused us to late. ><
Glad that the event haven't start yet. Phew~

Lets the picture begin the story.
The marriage couple.
Me and my hubby.

This was the tiger beer mix with the kicap. *0.0
Two of the PB do not know these and they finished them all.

Just a few pictures here. :)

Coming up next: My friend's wedding.

Nov 4, 2009

Bye bye, Braces. :)

Today will be a memorable day to me.
Finally I had took off my ugly braces d.
No more braces, my teeth was free from now. :P
Sure I will gonna fat after the CNY next year.

This was the gives from dental.
My previous teeth model.

I can eat curry as how many times I like.
I can eat chocolate as many as I want.
I can bite bubble gum from now.
I could eat my favorite kuih tomorrow!
I can brush my teeth twice a day only and not four.
I could bling me teeth in front of camera.
I could smile as wide as I like. :)

Hey people, let me advise something here.
Who ever want to let their face slim down, you could try to wear braces.
Do not believe it?
See my last year face when just start wearing braces.
It is a huge different.

Yeepi ya ya~
No more dental once a month.
I was like release from jail which is the Dr. Oon Dental.

Bye bye, my dear braces.