Dec 29, 2009

Ding Dong Ding

Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding~~
Here I am back to the dusty blog. :P
Still haven't get my Christmas photos from Xin Hui.
By the way, it just some photos only.
Me either my hubby did not bring our camera out on that day.

This was the present to my hubby. :)

We just have some turkey ham and salmon at Ingolf for Christmas eve.
I was so full that night.

After dinner we were headed to Sunset Bistro.
OMG there were full of people and cars.
We gave up on finding place to sit and standing for chit chat. Duh...
Next year should be early.

Actually was planning to go Gurney.
Luckily we did not go at last as the place was extremely crowded. O.O
Next year I am gonna to celebrate at home lar...

Next day we planned to go Gurney for lunch.
Unfortunately there was no chance to go to car park. =.=
All fulled. :(
Went to our favorite Tepanyaki, closed on 3p.m. :(
At last, we went for char koey tiao. T___T
So so so pity...
No more place to go while the people are crowded everywhere.
So bad luck lar...
Hate people mountain people sea. Urgh...

Belated Merry Christmas~ :)

Dec 22, 2009


Yesterday went out with my dear and we watched AVATAR.
A very nice movie to watch,
I liked Pandora forest. It is so colorful.
Damn the sky people. They were stupid. :P
Two and the half for the movie.
Thumbs up up~~

I had a hair cut few days ago.
Hmm... My hair had became shorter a bit. >< size="1">*I wonder why...

This year gonna celebrate till kao kao~ :P
Hope everything will go on smoothly.
Today also the Chinese reunion day. Must eat tang yuan at today.
Stay with family and congrats for getting older again. :(

Next Monday gonna take the result d.
Gosh... Micro and Law please give me a pass...
*Praying hard.

For certain reason, I have to go Genting again.
Maybe next week?
Hopes everything will go on smoothly.

*Gonna shoot the bitchy sissy soon.

Dec 19, 2009

Review on 2009

So soon will be Christmas, after that will be the end of 2009.
I would like to say, this year was really a memorable year to me.
I had done lots of things and lost lots of things in this year. :(
Anyway, lets get into the story.
Do not get shock by my pictures. :P

This is me at the beginning of 2009. Argh... Hair damn short.

My new family member~

In 2009, there were lots of my first time too.

My first time to aquarium.

My very first job in 2009.

1st time to national park.

1st time to Bon Odori.

1st time to ghost house.

This ghost house was having renovation recently.
I wonder what people wanna do with it.

First time to the lantern festival.

Sweet memory at beach.

Fish Leong.

War museum.

Botanic garden with my classmates.

Hiking with them.

K session.
Went to Theing's house after sem break.
Shop for prom.

Prom night.

Birthday celebration.


Suk Yi.



My hubby.

My friend's wedding.

Hard rock.

Genting trip with my hubby.

Say bye to my braces.

The December one.

A short post anyway. *Hehe
So much things I had done in 2009. :)
Appreciated what I get and learned in this year.

Goodbye 2009 and look forward to 2010. :P

Dec 17, 2009

National Park

Friday we could not get into the canopy walk, and we came back on Sunday just because of it.
Actually national park was quite a nice place to go.
Next time wanna try to go monkey beach.

Anyway, that day was super duper hot. ><
Sweating like nobody business over there.

We walked for around 500m after paid for the ticket fees.
My hubby's shoes was spoiled while almost arriving the canopy. :(

There were many people went there for canopy walk.
Some of them even came with bus, like a big gang. =.=
Some of them were families.

Here are the pictures taken in national park.
They were doing some yoga exercise? Guess so. :P

Luckily there was no mosquitoes. :)

I love this view~

This was actually the skinny giant spider.

That's all for today post. :)
I am lazy to taip. :P

Anyway, stay tuned.

Jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way~~