Feb 27, 2010


Hello people, I am back again. :)
Finally the exam had over.
Hope will get a good result on PM and macro.
I still have lots of stuffs to complete in my to-do-list.
Yesterday should be completed them, but obstacles are always came when I do not need them.

So fast Chinese New Year will be left one more day. :(
Sad, time flies in a fast speed.
Anyway, good news too cause anniversary are coming. Hiak hiak~
I just can't wait for the day. :P

Chor 6, went to Kek Lok Si with my hubby.
I always wonder why chinese people have to go Kek Lok Si temple on CNY?
Why why why?
I do not really like to go there as crowded.
Cars and peoples jaming all the way.
Luckily we manage to get ourselves a parking.
Many people are with DSLR now! Even my hubby.
However, I still prefer my pinky digital camera.
DSLR needs lots of investment and NGsssss~

I loved blings~

I was like "huh?" when the people asking us to pay RM2 per person to the pagora area which full of flowers. =.=
I thought we only need to pay for the cable car.

The guan yin.

Having laksa as our supper before went back.
Traffic jam everywhere. =.=
Even in cinema!!! I hated that, I got no movie to watch because of the traffic jam.
Anyway, short post for today.

Feb 23, 2010


Guys, please think twice before you marry a girl.
I got a friend who just married.
The husband keep on entertaining his friends, relatives and so on.
But he ignored the wife who waited him everyday at home.

He blamed his wife for being not good enough.
He still acted like a single and even made his wife lose face in front of his own family.
The husband family did not like the wife.
If a guy do not like a girl, please, think twice.
Marriage is not just a responsible, is the future of a family.
If a guy take a responsible as a father but not a husband, he is not a man.

If a family do not like the daughter-in-law, please do not agree with the marriage.
It will just bring more trouble for the future.
It is so contradict that you marriage a girl to be your wife but you did not treat her as your wife.
Yeah, the husband did hurt the wife.

But what could a wife do when she was marriage to a dislike-her-family.
She have to bear everything that she had done.
She do not even have a moaning partner.

Husband play multiple character in the life.
It is just-so-happened. Guys should be able to play all and maybe more of them.
Husband should be a never-say-no driver,
a successful employee or employer,
a loving heart father,
a truly husband,
a filial son,
a good son-in-law,
a good brother,
a father and a mother,
an ATM,
a partner that could share every single things,
a sympathetic man.

Husbands should bliss their wife.
Marry a girl are not just about responsibility.
For me, it is about the couple's future till the end of their life.
If you think your girl friend are not good enough, do not propose.
Don't regret after married and start fighting and divorce.
No marry no divorce.

Ladies and gentlemen, think twice before you say I DO.

Feb 18, 2010

CNY & Valentine

Gosh gosh gosh~~
Exam are just around the corner and I am still in CNY mood.
Bad bad bad...
Was having steamboat for three days... T___T
Normal steamboat for the reunion dinner, super spicy steamboat for Chor 1, tomyam favorite for Chor 2. @.@
Strictly no more steamboat for the next 2 months.

Chor 3 my hubby came to my house. :)
Headed to my bestie's house to pai nian and then straight headed to Penang.
Having lunch at Little Cottage.
B said that was the replacement for valentine. Ahah...

Different menu for CNY and valentine celebration.

Mine fish and chips, kinda like the taste and the potion were so suited me.

Hubby's lamb chop.
He ordered salmon set but they gave him lamb chop. :(

Their services were bad than the previous time I went there.
Some more the air conditioner were too warm for the hot weather...
Sweating white having meals. =(

After that went to Gurney.
Plan to watch movie but the queue up was damn damn long.
I wanna to watch movie so so so badly...
Just have some shopping then went to beach.

Hubby busying with phone call...

The Indian's motorbike had broken down.
Many people were looking at them.

Bought a spec for myself~~~

Chor 4 some of my friends came to my house and we off for sushi at Jusco.
The sushi over there were sucks and the services were too lousy.
The sushi in the menu looked like A and it looked like Z when they served it. =.=
The first time to the restaurant and also will be the last time.

Hubby came to picked me up again and headed to his house for steamboat. =.=
Steamboat again... Lolx.
After steamboat went to meet up some friends who came back from Langkawi.
*I hope little Keona will love kitty.

It was too late to catch up my secondary school gathering...
Sorry ya VCC. ><
But then I thought the gathering was only for 5S1, but also 5S2?

Chor 5, Elica and Teresa were coming to my house~~~
Winks winks~~
Long time did not see Elica, she still the same. :)
My mum cooked hock kean mee and there were many people came to my house.
Casey were busy here and there because of the people.

Elica and Sherry Teoh~




After that headed to Jusco again to catch movie.
All's Well End's Well Too 2010
A funny movie, Angelababy was in the movie.
She was so awesome~~~ :P

Chilled at A&W after the movie.
Chit chat and talking a lot over there.

Vikram, the funniest one.
He was keep on shooting us this and that. =.=
Anyway, a nice and enjoyable day with him. :)
We should hang out more regular.

Long post huh? ><
Tomorrow are going to Penang again~ Winks winks~

Feb 15, 2010

Chor 1

2010 CNY was a bit boring... ><
I still woke up late as usual.
After dressed up myself, headed to my relatives place.
People are gambling everywhere and I do not have the intention to gamble.
Kinda sad because I am not so lucky when I gambling. Hah...

The weather was freaking hot!!!
I still feel hot even I on my fan and air conditioner.
Steamboat, biscuits and bbq kept on coming.
Hot in the hot day. :(
Must drink lots of water during CNY. :)

I skipped my valentine celebration this year. Duh...
Nevermind, since I already got the present from my hubby. :P
Ohya, little Casey also got his very first ang pau on Chor 1.

This was funny.
He was actually trying to protect his ang pau from being steal by people.
His favorite was inside the red pack.

Open his ang pau.

We have laughed till our ass off while seeing how he took the ang pau.
Anyway, just for entertainment. Haha~~

Wednesday are going to my secondary school reunion party. Hiak~~
Can't wait to see them all.
But so sad that some of them could not make it on the day.

Final are coming and I got to go for revision d.

Feb 13, 2010

A Day Before CNY

Hello people, I am back again.
Last week of the 6th semester.
Time flies and I still could not accept that it is CNY after 1 more hour. =.=
CNY is coming too fast.
This year CNY was attacking by global warning.
Damn hot lah wei...
I keep on sweating while helping my mum to prepare this and that.
How could the weather be so hot hot?

Valentine and CNY are fall on the same day.
No choice I got to skip my valentine celebration. Hiak...
Anyway, gotta my valentine present from hubby. Muacks.
Got the flight of fancy from him.

That day passed by a shop and I saw kitty sweets over there.
Thanks hubby for the sweets.

Bought a lot of stuffs on this week too.
Bought shoes, pants, bla bla bla....
But girls are greedy, I still feel that I am lack of something. ><
Girls will never get bored of shoes and clothes.

Casey is getting excited outside. Lolx...
He is busying running here and there, like trying to help us?

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone.
Gong hei fatt choi and happy valentine.
Hope every couple sweet sweet and love love.
Last but not least, HUAT ar~~~

Feb 8, 2010

Sunday Spent W/f The Family

Yesterday had accompanied my family to have dinner at Penalti.
It was the annual dinner organized by my mum's company.
It was a kampung place but yet the place look kinda nice.
I forgot the name of the restaurant but remember the kampung name-Kg. Petei.

A group of Chinese people having buffet in the Malay society.
Looked weird and sound weird. =.=
The place was liked a holiday village.
But somehow many Malays came here for dinner. O.o
I think maybe this place was quite famous among their society.

However, the buffet was just so so only.
Their grilled mutton was not good at all. :(
Their chicken satay were damn damn nice. Thumbs up~
After the buffet those aunties and uncles went to the small cottage and having karaoke session.
Lolx... A Malay place with Chinese songs?
Spotted shisha over there too.
Feel wanna try but worry that it might spoilt my image. Ahah...
So just forget about it.

8/2 Monday

Headed to Gurney after class.
Bought the valentine present for hubby.
I hope he will like it. :)
*Thanks Jingle for the suggestion.

I was facing some problem with my backbone recently.
I used to face it few years ago and now it came back again.
Holly shit!!!
New Year is just around the corner and my backbone start blinking red.
Have to get the treatment as fast as I can. T___T
Or else my shoulder will be one up and one down, unbalance.

This week will be the last week of this semester.
Have to start my revision as soon as possible.
This semester the subjects were tough and yet rush.
Study hard and rainbow my results slip. Winks~