Aug 31, 2011

Mouth Watering Desserts!

People who know me well knew that I love desserts so much! 
Ice creams, cakes, I believed glucose or sugars can cheer me up!
I can't survive without desserts.
They are fattening but who cares, I need more fats! 

Gonna share few dessert shops that I crave for nowadays.
This blog post gonna make me dessert-sick!

Bikkuri Station, newly open at my hometown! Super love!
#1 Mouth watering! Their boss was super nice and friendly!

#2 Super love the QQ balls and the Ai Yu topping. The soya bean and wintermelon ice were nais!!
Super love! One for RM5.80 if not mistaken.

#3 They also have a very simple and nice environment to dine in.

#4 Another favourable place for dessert lover-Tong Pak Fu!
Super nais fruit desserts, located at Raja Uda but they gonna open in Pulau Tikus soon! RANGGG

#5 Addiction.

#6 Was there few weeks ago with the classmates. We still hang out although it's holidays!
Here are Theing and Smaller Xiao Zhi.

#7 Teresa babe. Looking at her top make me wanna go shop at Hatyai again.

#8 Been here for few times d, love their honeydew desserts the most!

#9 Ordered this to try but I don't really like the mixture of coconut. However it still nice!

#10 This was another type of honeydew but I preferred the orange colour one.

#11 Honeydew with ice cream. There were only 3 choices for the ice cream. Not happy.
The coconut mix with mango dessert was kinda nice. Weird mixing but nice outcome!

#12 Lastly, sweet sweet picha matching with the post tittle!

Gonna blog hard hard during Raya holidays! Stay tuned!

Aug 19, 2011


It's been ages I never open my blog. 
Everything look so down. Tsk tsk

Btw I was craved for some yummieh recently, so irresistible that help me to gain weight.
Yea, I ate a lot recently and finally I gained 2kg! Yipee
So I wanna to share make-me-gain-weight-foods over here and of course they are yummy!
I get grumbled when I pay for lousy foods.

#1 Macarons, from fourseason bakery Strait Quay.
Way too expensive, can't afford to have it everyday, but still irresistible.
These were better than Ritz bakery, I was comparing lah. No offense. 

#2 I love the pink one the most! So yummylicious like how can they put so much effort in this little one? Touched! Chocolate also bery nice! 
Bf always buy macarons for me when I am not happy. Heart heart. 

#3 Twiggies! Something I usually craved for. So miss.
This is kinda hard to find sometimes, make me so sad when I go to few bakery or 7-11 and I still cannot find it. This is so good! But no no for the chocolate flavor.

#4 P U L P Y!!! Best orange juice ever! Why don't every restaurant just use this in their menus rather then giving customer tasteless orange colour juice? Then charge for RM10++ What for?!! Grumble

#5 Went to Rain Forest that day to get some scones but unfortunately they were sold out. 
Sad bit then they introduced me this crunchy biscuitti. So nice weih!
Oh that was the book I read few weeks ago. Nice book!

#6 This was the new discovery, from Bikkuri Station! Super nais!

#7 Coming up next were those you can't get from anywhere else. Muahahahaha
Because they were all made from my bf!
Cheese baked pasta! Can't get it from anywhere, with whole lot of cheeseeeeeee! Yummy!

#8 Mozzarella cheese! Love!

#9 Then some other day, he made toasted bread for me.

#10 Two pieces can make me full!

#11 This is one of the way to gain weight! Mayonnaise and cheese!

#12 Must serve them hot to reach the yummylicious level. Ohyea

#13 Okay last, nais? Sorry are you just drool on your keyboard? Haha

Time for lunch! Enjoy.
Bye chao!

Aug 4, 2011


And steamboat session at Theing's house! =D

 #1 Hell yeah the bf was going together with me.
Age isn't an obstacle in a relationship when he can and willing to mix around with my friends. 
I guess I'm too lucky to have him.

 #2 Variety of foods! 不怕你饿只怕你吃不完!
This was for the outdoor only. 

#3 My favorite BBQ foods, chicken wings! 
I ate chicken wings more than sausages, love!

#4 We arrived pretty late on that day due to super traffic jam. 
Almost gave up and call Theing said we will turn off but then already at highway... So yea, just go ahead.

#5 Left: Yong Kang, ma bf, ME, Jingle, Vincent.
Picture taken after chicken wings in tummy. Yumss

#6 Barbecue were toasting, so hot but still irresistible.

#7 Hello kitty background, it's kitchen door actually. I got no idea why my fringe was so weird on that day. 
Ignore ignore ignore.

#8 Rest for a while after barbecue and continued the third round, steamboat.
Poor guys stuck in the traffic for 3 hours and they finally reach on 10pm. LOL
I doesn't eat much because I was having dinner before the barbecue. Fat fat fat come to me oh yeah!

 #9 Dishes washing after eat. We were such good girls!

 #10 Then Theing photo booming. lmao

#11 Gambling session was a much everytime visit Theing at SP.
Spotted the snacks, eat eat eat again.

 #12 Cam whore because I don't gamble. Left: Sonia Chan, Jingle, ME, Theing, Teresa Sasa.
 #13 With the bfie!

 #14 All the photos taken from Theing's FB. Same goes to previous post because I rarely bring my digital camera along after having iPhone. Poor pinky.

 #15 I wanna take picture with Theing but the one behind us like beh paiseh don't wanna go away. Hahaha
 Went back pretty early that day compare to others because I was so hot and sticky after a whole day outing without shower. Beh tahan.

That's all for the partay. Kittie you missed it! 
Till then, byes!

Aug 1, 2011

Belated Birthday w/f WK

I have tried to blog many times last week but failed because I got nothing to blog about. LOL
Melting weather are driving me nuts! So hawt!
Anyway Imma gonna blog about Wei Keat's belated birthday now.

#2. I was so happy because the bf back from KL on that day.
He purposely finished his jobs early and came to meet me.

#3 Loved this picha very much. Edited with Mei Tu Xiu Xiu and More Beaute2

#4 Celebrating Wei Keat (the bery chi ko face) birthday at Chicago Rib House.

#5 See his tiring face.

#6 Me, with my Robito. Gonna throw it away soon because white stuffs get dirty easily and aging more faster than other colours. FIL

#7 Some dishes of the day. Services were good and foods were not bad.
Set lunch that came together with mushroom soup. This was nice!

#8 Pork Ribs with fries and salads. This was nice too! Recommended dish!

#9 Seafood pasta. This was not recommended. I cooked better than this. LOL
The garlic breads was too hard, and the linguine length were so short, made me feel like eating char bee hoon.
And also all the seafoods were too salty. XXX

#10 You gonna see lots of cam whore picha after the foods.
Sonia Chan and bf, Wei Keat birthday boy.

#11 Theing and me.

#12 Specs are loves! With Jingle!

#13 With the girls! 
Left: YY Ching Mag ME Jingle.

#14 With Mag babe!

#15 With YY. =D

#16 Cam whore with the birthday boy.

#17 Left: Jingle Sukyi Theing.

#18 With the bf and Mag babe.

#19 Love this picha, taken by YY. Thank you~

#20 $$ to pay the bills. LOL

#21 Haha Theing so funny!

#22 With Teresa Sasa babe.

#23 Left ME Sasa YY Jingle

#24 Cake time after lunch and cam whore. Somehow cam whore was like continuous never stop. LOL

#25 Happy ever couple.

#26 Cake from Bread History.

#27 Guys. Left: Boon, my bfie, Prof and the birthday boy.

#28 Group picha. Thanks to Chicago's staff for the help. We cam whore like that was our place, walking here and there even shouting. LOL

#29 When the cake taken out the birthday boy was like WTF whose birthday why nobody inform me. Surprise!!

#30 Standing far away from the cake to prevent revenge from everyone. He was a devil who like to push birthday people face to kiss the cakes. That's the karma. LOL

#31 The epic one. Hahahahaha

#32 Last but not least, cam whore pic in toilet.

#33 Happy belated birthday Chi Ko Keat. 祝你年年有今日,岁岁有今朝。

The end. Thanks for reading.  Bye