May 23, 2011



很多人问我舍得吗 (我超级爱我的头发)










May 21, 2011

Quick Update

This month is the most unhappy month for me. =(
Bad things happen all the time. 
Feel really suay! 

By right I should have done at least 80% of my assignments now.
And I am just started. 
I am totally lost and have 0 idea on how to persuade my degree.
So I gonna strike them off after this post. 

Laptop broken down at this critical moment and this was so awkward!
I got no idea how am I gonna do assignment next week. =(
So bad.

Went for hair cut on last week.

Never cut so much hair in my life before.
Not that I hate my hair or what.

I just feel like wanna to do something on my hair.
Cut cut the bad things, grow grow the good one. =D

Actually I got a lot of topics to blog and a lot of pictures to share.
And I just have no time for them. 

So a quick update and will be back soon. 

May 14, 2011

Date With Ice Cream and You

Blogger system down yesterday. =(
Luckily some previous posts still there. Phew~

The bfie came back few weeks ago. Mad happy!
He promised me will treat me ice cream when I recovered from sickness.

So I was having ice creams continuously for two days!!
When he came back, my tummy was full with foods all the time and my digestion system just can't pang gang. OT all the time. LOL

Coconut ice cream is addiction to me. 
I must eat it kao kao whenever I go to Thailand.
So that day we were passed by Thai temple and the bfie just get me some coconut ice cream!

Not to mention this is definitely not as good as I ate in Thailand.
But at least I still can get something similar in Penang. 

And the next day I got HD!! As breakfast some more wtf!
Super love.
Actually I still having some cough that day and I just don't care.
I just want ice cream! LOL

He's the one who understand me very well.
He knew what I want what I need and what I'm going to do.
He's the one who always worry for me although I said I can handle myself.

 Miss you very much.

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May 12, 2011

Kittie's Birthday Surprise!

I know I didn't blog for some time d.
Gonna blog this quickly and get myself into bed.

It was Kittie's birthday on last week.
We already planned what surprises for her.

But too bad due to raining we have to go for plan B.
Inspired by "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" movie.

Kittie was in class together with us and Theing was busying preparing at outside.
We written down whatever wishes at memo pad and stick on the wall outside our class.

This was the surprise!! 

We asked her to come out from the class during break.
And she just go WAHHHHHH

People who love her.  =D

 Adding more while she was reading all the wishes.

Part of the wishes.

 We paste and made the surprise, Kittie removed and keep it until she become granny. =P

Lastly a big group photo! =D

Happy birthday again ka Kittiya Hiao Siam Po.
21 d please stop bully people k and be more shu boon.
Then only we will love you mak mak.

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