Oct 31, 2009

Birthday Party Week

Ahah... Here has been leaved dead again. 
Bo huat, two assignment to get done in this week.
Anyway, I managed to get them done and passed up on time.
Thanks to my group members for all the co-orperation.
Also for some friends and classmates who helped me a lot. :)

Ohya, my Facebook also has been leaved dead for few days. xD
Facebook is one of the factor which will influence the efficiency of students in doing assignment.
The good example-Wei Keat

Friday night was Jacyline's birthday, who are my secondary school friend.
Very sorry for went back early.
Wish you a very happy birthday over here. :)
The birthday girl.
* Grabbed from Teresa+Jingle's album.

Me and my hubby.

Kai Woon~



After that, rushed to Upper Penang Road for celebrating MR.MIOW's birthday. :(
Sorry for the late, Mr. Miow. >.<
I know your family purposely came back from Langkawi for these.
Super duper sorry to you.
A very happy birthday to you over here.
Wish you work hard for next baby. :P
*Grabbed from Pb's album.


These two people are gay.

Miow family~

Super duper exhausted now.
Went back in the early morning of 4a.m.
Sleep 5 hours and get back to hometown. @.@
Damn tired lah wei~
Anyway, thanks for my hubby for the mc flurry. XoXo

Oct 22, 2009

Red Box+Hiking

Hi people, the blog has been left death for few days due to my laziness. XD
It is nearly the end of the semester and I was busying with my assignment recently.
After the assignment will be the final d. Omg.
Kinda pressure for the law assignment.
I just hated business law. It was f* tough.

Tuesday went to redbox with my classmates.
It is been months I did not step in there.
Moody down on that day, sorry ya. >.<
Yet, we still have fun. :) *The main things.
So, just let the pictures do the story part.

*Click to enlarge.

Wei Keat Facebook-ing.


Spot the mics.

Woke up early in the morning and went to Botanic Garden for hiking.
Actually it should be say jogging.
Chit chating while walking and snapping. :P

See, little boy~

I got no sweating at all on that morning.
I still wondering how come...
After the hiking we went for breakfast. :)
I was damn hungry as did not took breakfast before hiking...

Anyway, gonna busy with my assignment again.
Argh... I am gonna to finish you in this week!

There was a misunderstanding
causes a stupid rumor and yet she still thinking she is right
If you are the most pity one, then we are shit like nobody business.

Oct 19, 2009

Jingle's 19th Birthday

Celebrating Jingle's birthday on Thursday.
We were actually planning for a surprise for her.
However, end up as the birthday girl's boyfriend feeling not well.
Went to Batu Feringgi there, somewhere nearby sunset bistro.
Anyway, not much picha over here as everyone was busying on the seafood.

The crab, :)

Gals of the day.

Lastly, only left the boys eating the crab as all of us full d.

Actually the services over there was kinda bad.
The uncle were urging us to finish the dinner by closing the shop.
The service was bad, yet costly. :(

After that we went to sunset for 2nd round.
The birthday girl with her boyfriend.

Jessica and Wei Keat.

Me and my hubby.

The girls.

The guys.

The tiramisu for Jingle. :)

After that there was a man came by and offer the shisha for the birthday girl.
Grape taste for the shisha.

Terry Thor.

Ah Xiang.


Suk Yi.

Picha of girls. :P


Happy birthday to Jingle Bell. xD