May 31, 2010


Good morning everyone.
An early update today. =)
Actually I type it on yesterday night lah. Lolx.
I just done part of my assignment.
Feel relax a bit now, but there is still a lot to go.
Statistics assignment will be on Tuesday. Big sigh.

I don't really know what those format crap about.
Kinda not sure, so worry about it.

This week will be the busiest week for me.
Tomorrow gonna to do my shopping and prepare well for the big day. =)
Hey people, no aeroplane OK.


Briefly update and this is what I wanna to share with you guys.
Some hilarious photos found from FB.
Some are ridiculous and stupid. Lolx.

This is kinda creative.
But do women own so many kind of butts?
Spot the wide load.
Walao, some more got bumper, pancake, standard tissue? lmao.

I beat this boy suppose to be cute without photoshop.
If he is real then I am sorry. :0
This is so creative.
Bitches are always bitches.

If I could found this magazine I am going to shoot it like this too.
Korea magazine...
They are creative.

Click to enlarge.
This is so ridiculous.
I wonder which scientist so funny come out with this conclusion.
Eat booger is good for health? Walao eh...
Some more said it is free. zzz
Does he/she ever do this everyday?
Some more encourage children to pick their nose and eat their boogers.

Thumbs up for the level of writing.

This one is the continuous one, click to enlarge.
Read it and you will laugh till your ass off.

Hey, couples, beware of this.
Wtf kiss for 24 hours could pregnant?!
Said what sperms come to brain and ovum will come out from mouth. wtf.
Bull shit. Stupid research.

Who ever saw the name will still pay a visit?
Mahai=expensive. =.=

I wonder this road sign are really assist.
So ashame.

After apply, you will short plug.
By the way, I never see this kind of medicine also.
This is so zomg cute.
It like having a think eye liner at the bottom eyes.
Being too fat was not a good thing.
300 pounds... Wow.
Just some sharing with you guys. =)
Have fun and enjoy your day.

May 30, 2010

Assignment Week

Assignment week-Disaster. Omg.
I was cracking my brain so hard to get whatever shit about Hong Kong.
However, I am working hard on my blog too.
Can't you see that?
I update my blog everyday now. =)
But I think I would be busy a little bit on next week.
So I might be not so free to update my blog.

No matter how, stayed tune because I might update if I miss my blog.

Let's come back to the week.
Everyone was working hard on International Marketing assignment.
So do I, and my group member.
We met up every Thursday for the assignment at Coffee Bean. Lolx.
We are Bean lover. =)

This time was due to my craving for English breakfast tea latte. =)
I loved tea latte so so so much.
But b just don't like it. He said he hate tea latte. =.=
Everyone looked so shock when I put cream into my tea latte.
After they all tried, it was yummy. =)
See, although look gross but it was awesome!

Ohya, Thanks to Bell for the treat and also those praises. =)
Thanks leng lui~ xoxo.

See my happy face like a little girl gets her ice cream.

Kittie, while she can't access the internet.

Headache mood. Lolx.

I always love the huge mirror in Coffee Bean.
It suits every girl for photoshoot.
I want a huge mirror for myself too. =P

Teresa~ Sa Sa sa~

Kittiya a.k.a Pongchu~

We went back on 12.30a.m. and we went to Clear Line for super late supper.
It was my suggestion again.
I know it was not healthy but it's been a long time we did not hang out for late supper d.
Left me, b, Teresa and Bing Yi.
Me and Teresa ordered roti canai which was also in my craving list.
B and Bing Yi ordered rice.
Super duper big potion. O.O

I beat Vivien would like to go Clear Line and everyone agreed too.
There got lots of abandon cats!
They even fighting for foods, very fierce that kind.
They all in black, orange, grey, white....
What colour also got lah.

But that place was kinda scary.
Maybe it was late, and those Indian boy like keep on staring on me. =.=
I think I better go Abu next time.
The things over here was nice just I feel so insecure.


The next day, Friday.
Shopping with Teresa and Mag.
Sorry Mag, we were late. ><
Shopped at F21 and Padini.
It was my very first time spotted so many items in F21.
But so bad, I did not buy them.

Me and b continue to walk in Queensbay after Mag and Teresa went back.
Ching came to find me just to say hi. Lolx.
She was in Queensbay too.
Ching, asks your bf to wear beach short ya. =)

Then Vivi came to find us and we had our dinner at Sushi King.
Eventually, three plates of sushi could fit my tiny stomach.
After that we chilled at Starbucks.

See, like boh kam buan nia. =P

This is the normal one. Love.
We should snap lots and lots of picture you know.

Just 3 pictures and he said I am tiring of posing. =.=

I should start my shopping now before it's too late. =)

May 29, 2010

The Abandon Dog-Snowball

There was an abandon poodle in our college recently.

Jingle and I just saw it on Wednesday when we wanna went back home.
We called it and it ran away.
So we thought it wanna go back to it's home.

Then Vivien told us this poodle was abandon for 2 weeks on Thursday. O.o
If we know early then we would bring a lot of doggy yummy come.

It was pitiful, see the tears scar...
I beat it missed it's owner so so much.
Maybe it lost or people abandon it.

It was a boy, so cute~
It was kind of middle size of poodle.
He was so omfg cute. Talented than Casey.
He knew how to pose for photoshoot.

He even know tricks!!!
Give me hand and he actually responded to our statement.

Found his future in his eyes when he saw us.

Discussing how should we save him.
He was so pitiful.
Most of us already got a dog and we can't keep him.
So Vivien took him home and ask her auntie whether she wants him or not.
I hoped Vivien could find him a good owner.

Trying to persuade him to eat something because he was so slim!!!
I got no idea how he get survived within two weeks.
Pitiful enough...

Why people wanna abandon their pet after they decided to take care of it?
They got only 10 years to see the world.
And people are so selfish don't want to share their 10 years time with them.

Don't abandon your pet like nobody business.
You are such a jerk if you did that.
They got emotions too, they will get hurt.

p/s: Casey bang himself into something on this morning and his forehead are bleeding.

Pictures and Photos

My ss photo again. Lolx.
Those pictures were taken after I came back from outside.
Cam whore to kill the boredom.
Anyway, my photoshop skills sucks and I was just to lazy to edit them.
No edit OK, just cropping.

Then I start to get bored of my face and I asked Casey ss with me.

The first picture taken with half of my face.
Casey like lmao, mummy ki siao again.

Then the second one.
He just can't stop moving.
Sorry for the quality of the picture.
Casey looked so silly!!!

Third one taken when he started to get bored and wanna find something fresh.
So he kissed me. =.=
Again and again, NG too much time because of him.

After I scolded him and he started to get mad and wanna get rid of me.
He just can't stay quietly and posing with me.

Then the last one. Fed up!!!
He don't like photoshoot.
See, he just want to run away. T____T

I just found out that Casey really scare pineapple and watermelon. wtf.
I got no idea why and he just keep on barking at them. =.=

Anyway, it is 2a.m. now.
I am hardworking in updating my blog.
Ohya, I saved my assignment in Microsoft Words 2003 and mine lappi was in 1997 version.
Fml and I can't open it. Urgh!!!

May 25, 2010

The Top 10s

Changed the blog music to my recent favourable song.
I am addicted to Angel's Cry recently and I felt that the lyrics were so touching.
It tells people to appreciate love. =)

Being busy recently for an event.
Actually I never been inviting so much people to a party before and I am scaring that I might ruin up everything. Lolx.
Anyway, hope nobody will fly on an aeroplane that night.


Sharing a shame news with you guys.
It is really a shame, scroll down and read them. =)

Top 10 countries creating the most negative environmental impact.

This is a new study released by University of Adelaide Environmental Institute of Australia.
Click on the tittle for reading the news.

The 1st country was Singapore!!!
Wtf, I thought Singapore was the cleanest country ever.
Maybe their high technology ruin up the environment.
But still unbelievable, they don't simply throw rubbish like Malaysians leh.

The 2nd country was Korea!!!
This one I got no comment because maybe their population are too much so the percentage of producing rubbishes also high.
The following picture shown how busy is the Korean.

The 3rd country was Qatar, an Arab emirate in the Middle East.
They ranked 3rd.
Maybe too much deserts.

The 4th country was Kuwait, a sovereign Arab emirate situated in the northeast of the
Arabian Peninsula.
Arab got two awards now from here.
Too much big buildings, so negative.
You can see it from the following picture.

5th country was Japan.
The produced too much kawaii stuffs, so negative. Lolx.
Actually they involved in too much packaging on products I guess.
Packaging are costly and for some using plastics like snacks, so not environmental friendly.
However, I still love hello kitty. =P

Thailand ranked number 6th.
See, too much people and too much cars.
I always felt that Thailand was hot and messy.
Sorry ya Kittie, no offense.
I think this is a praise also, you see the people driving here and there like mad crazy but they never caught into an accident.
Impressive driving skills.
However, Thailand always involved in political issues. Sigh.

7th country was Bahrain, a small island country in the Persian Gulf.
Saudi Arabia also. =.=
See, third awards.
Luxury always bring negative impacts.

Here come the 8th country. What a shame...
No doubt, it was Malaysia.
See the picture taken for our country also full of haze, like we are having some serious environment issues. Wtf.
What cause these? Malaysians' good habits of throwing rubbishes everywhere.
Maybe we lack of education or we don't understand education.
I wonder why people like to throw rubbish everywhere.
Night markets, kopitiams, toilets, gardens, rivers, drains, traffic light areas and etc.
Everywhere full of rubbishes.
Malaysia should work harder on environment rather than quarrel for authority.
Oppss, sensitive issue.

9th country was Philippines.
Nice picture~

The last in the top 10 was Netherlands.
See, pictures selected for them were looked so nice.

I was wondering how come the U.S.A or UK doesn't rank in the top 10.
And how come Singapore ranked number 1?

I think we should be proud of ourselves for not being the number 1.
Like phew, number 8 is better than number 1.

People should carry more environmental-friendly bags or paper bags rather than plastic bags.
Anyway, just want to share a news with you guys. =)

I got to stop here now.
Need to shower myself and start my assignment.
Good night people and good night. =)