Apr 27, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

See, I did update my blog as frequent as possible. Muahaha~
Last week was really a busy week.
Outing too frequent and I am sick now.
Sneezing and coughing. =(

I think this was taken on Tuesday before went to Statistics class.
Still got some time before head out to Jingle's house. =)

Then these were taken on Wednesday.

Wei Keat were too bored in the class and he did some drawing.
Poor Jingle's bottle.
He made the kitty look evil!!!

She just remembered and erased them today. =.=
Poor kitty.
Wei Keat like to mess up those little cute characters.
Last time he pirated my cute bear on my notes.
Look so oh my gosh.

This week was char koay tiao week and you know why?
Because I ate 2 times char koay tiao in a week!
Some more is the same place. =)
Anyway, we loved the char koay tiao and we even admitted that was the Penang most delicious char koay tiao.
The uncle recognize us and even gave us discount.
I can see through his eyes, he was very happy on our visit after he moved his business to a new kopitiam.

As planned on Wednesday, me and Ching went to Winter Warmers for our breakfast.
My brother tagged along too. =)
One of nangka over there was trained well.
He even apologize to me when he couldn't understand what I want.
I think I can't say all the nangkas are bad cause there are polite one among them.
Order the sandwiches set as I missed their sandwiches so so much.

My coffee. I don't know what was that coffee and I think it might be instant coffee cause it really taste not nice.
I felt headache after two cups of them. wtf.

I am kinda addicted to coffee nowadays.
I can't keep my eyes open without coffee. =(
But then some time I will having insomnia if I take coffee.
Nescafe definitely can't cause insomnia.
Espresso would cause insomnia even though they mix together with milk.
Espresso+milk=my favorite latte
However, I really need coffee to fresh up my morning.

Egg sandwiches.

Marathon class for Thursday and I was exhausted after statistics class.
After dinner outing again.
Met up Gigi, Xin Hui and Lim Pek at Istimewa.
They liked to gather at here because the shisha over here are cheap.
Having double apple shisha over there.
Taste not bad but Gigi them don't like it.
We talked until 2 something then headed back. T__T

By the way, I am still wondering what is pojek.
It was a tamil word but I do not know what is the meaning of pojek.
I felt like want to ask the Istimewa staffs but I scared it was ccb meaning.
So I didn't ask. =(
*Still curious.

Skip Friday and let's talk about Saturday night.
Mommy was complaining that I am outing too much recently.
Lim Pek gonna fly to Singapore soon.
So we decided to have our last hang out before we say bye bye to him.
Hang out again... Duh...

Having our dinner at GoodAll which located opposite Bing Hua.
First time been there and the food was so so only.

Headed to Sunset Bistro to meet Gigi and Xin Hui.
Then we shisha again. =.=

The person who sold shisha recommended us to have mango flavour.
But no mango taste at all, it is all mint only!!!
Mint were too cold for me and I coughed after sucked for 3 seconds.
This flavour was so bad!!!
Never order this again.

Smokers have no problem with this flavour.

I am too free and tie up my hair.
Look like kampung girl.

We ordered chicken wings. It was nice.
Recommended by Xin Hui.

Vivi tried to stop Gigi from eating the wings. O.O

However, Sunset's services were totally bad!
We have to wait for the menu.
When the beers served, the staff was asking us whether we need glass or not.
We told them we need 6 glasses, then she said OK.
After that she just walked off and ignored our order!!!
What kind of service is this?
Then we got to get the glasses ourselves at the counter. wtf.
It is like after you pay they will not bother you anymore. wtf.
Their services was bad from day to day.

Pissed off with their services and we changed our venue to Church Street.

Gigi showing off his lansi-ness.

I am not sure where is it.
It was a small pub, don't know inside got what nice beers but sold out d.
So, we could only get those normal beers instead of their shop best seller.

I am not really like the place as I can't breath well due to smoke.
You can see from my camera.
Definitely not my cam lousy but that place were full of nicotine molecule. @.@
We even stopped smoker in our gang to smoke.

Went back early because I really could not stand the cigarette smell.
They said I was Cinderella because I need to go back home before 12. Wakakaka.
Then they keep on asking my bf whether his car has turned into cucumber or pumpkin or carrot or whatever vegie or not. lmao.

Anyway, best wish to Lim Pek for his new job.
Tell me whenever you fly to and I got a shopping list for you. =)
Kam xia~

Apr 26, 2010

A Tale of Mari And The Three Puppies

Wanted to share a very good and nice movie with you guys.
I think some people might know about this movie.
It was 'a tale of Mari and the three puppies'

I saw the trailer before at Facebook and omg it was so touching.
Watch trailer already weeping. Watch the whole movie?
*Scroll down for trailer.

It was a movie that based on a true story that happen in Japan on 2004 earthquake.
There were news about Mari and those were evidence.
She was too much loyalty to the family.
Her legs was bleeding and she still working hard on saving the old man and the young girl. T_____T
*Stop thinking or else I will weep again.

I think pps will have the movie.
Try to search it out and you will definitely sobbing or even cry out like me.

Thanks to Gigi for borrow me the DVD.
I just can't control and I burst into tears for the whole movie. fml.
I not dare to watch for second time.
I might be dried due to excess dehydration after watching again. =.=

I think I love my pet too much.
Dogs are always the best friends to human. Agree?
I definitely agree. Although they will naughty, they are protective!!
You just can't doubt on their loyalty.

I post up the trailer and I am not even dare to watch! wtf.
People who have pet would understand me.
It is the same theory apply to human, you can't leave the one you love most. =)
Dogs also have sentiment, don't think they are stupid because they can't talk.
Dogs express their feeling through their eyes and actions.

The movie was great.
I can't imagine how many people will cry in the cinema during the time when the movie launching.
Sobbing and sweeping in the cinema.
Go and watch it, it was a true story!

*Stop thinking about the screen!!! FML

Apr 24, 2010

Casey's New Toy

Hi peeps, I am back again.
Ok, blame me for being not punctual. =(
The same reason again, I am busy, seriously.
I just finished my individual assignment.
Due to some reason, I was busying on outing recently.
I think karma gets me and I am sick again!!!
Sneezing and coughing and I got serious nasal sound whenever I speak. fml.

However, here are the video I promised to upload.
You know what, it took me a very long time!!!
Blogger video can't work so I try on youtube.
Manatau it was so time consuming. wtf.
I tried it for few times in a day and finally, it is done. *Cheer~

He scared the ball and he was actually trying to cover it up with blanket by stepping himself on the blanket. =.=
I felt so funny whenever he try to cover something he don't like.
He did covered his foods, toys, rubbish that he stole and many more.
I think he scared the ball because he never seen a ball that same height as him.
He even try to ignore the ball by pretending did not see it.

*Scroll down for the video.

However, he burst the ball after 3 days when it came to our house.
Yet, he felt so guilty for killing it and he don't even dare to see it. Haha.
When we asks him did you do it?
He will show his innocent look with ears lying down and watery eyes. wtf.
Just like he was objecting I don't know it will become like that.

Apr 17, 2010

Casey and Shelly

Let me introduce the cutie first. =)
Shelly- Casey's first girlfriend who is a mini pincher in black, a dog by my neighbour.

She is cute and she love me because I always feed her ho liao (luxury foods).
Whenever I call her name, she will climb up to the chair that near to the wall.
Then looking at me with a very tension expression. Haha.
Sometimes, when I came back home, she will turn up to welcome me too. =)

She came to my house again today.
Casey fall in love with her in first sight.
But now he seem like got another girlfriend and boyfriend.
But somehow, he still love her. Haha.
Bring out Casey's dog food for her.
She simply love those food and Casey treat those like nothing. Fml.

She was craving for yummy with a very sympathetic look. ><

Eat in a rushing speed. =.=

Then Casey come: Why you eat my yummy?

Shelly: Away from me, or I will attack you!

Shelly vs Casey.

Every time when Shelly come my house, she will definitely not forget to do these:

Pee at my house!!!
I guess she drink lots of water cause she pee like this amount:

And pang sai!!!

Casey always follow her whenever she go. =.=
I don't know why dogs like to smell butt.

Smelling at my hand. lmao.

I had made a video of Casey.
Will post up soon. Stay tuned. =)

Hello Kitty ♥

Friday was fabulous. =)
I loved to hang out with b.

I woke up in the morning as usual cause I don't want b mumbling on waiting me again.
However, he was late for like 45 minutes.
I just asking him why he is late and not mumbling. Haha.
Plan to go to Old Town for breakfast but change my mind at last minute.
We went for dim sum at UMNO building there.
I always prefer the dim sum at my taman which ran by my relatives.
Their dim sum was the nicer and fresher ever. *Thumbs up.
Anyway, I don't go there without my mom. Hehe...

After that we went to Times Square.
I wonders there will be any changes since the last time I visited.
So disappointed that most of the shop had closed down. =(
Inside was so so so quiet.
It doesn't look like a brand new shopping complex but like the one going to close down.
Feel so pity to those employees who working inside there.
They must be very bored facing no customer during working.
I saw Hello Kitty perfume poster at there but I couldn't see any.
Maybe they lock them in a cupboard.

Went to Sunshine in Times Square as I haven't been there before.
At first I thought Sunshine was lame and bored.
But I was wrong!!!
I saw a lot of cute stuffs inside there.
Many different kind of wrap paper selling over there.
I loved DIY stuffs.
They bring up my D.I.Y. intention. =)
Ohya, I never knew what would these cutie be until I read the price tag.

These were serviettes!!!
My first expression was WAH~
These were too much luxury!!
I loved all of them and I feel wanna to bring them home when I saw them.
Then b pop out and wash my brain. =.=
However, they are not cheap you know.
RM4.50 for like 20 sheets. lmao.
Serviettes selling at this price. Haha...
Which girls are going to purchase them and use them like regular premier tissues?
I guess none. ><

I bought these cute stick noted.
There got variety of designs with chio colors and the price was damn cheap.
I will start to use them and stick all of them in my house.
*Spot the strawberry one. Mad cute!

Then walked to the foods and drinks part.
They selling foreign products too with non-halal on the top. =.=
Saw Taiwan products, Japan, China and many more.
Japan products always take off my attention.

There I found them.
Kitty stuffs again!!! Love~
Kitty lips candy from Taiwan. Wee

Mad cute!!!
Of course I bring it back. Haha.
Say yes to kitty. =)
There were 2 more different design with different flavour.
This are grape, another two was apple and strawberry.
I am going to purchase them when I finish this one.

Then I spotted this.
Hello Kitty cookies!
I just can't resist from them. ><
RM6.50 for it. Mad love.

After this, movie time. Claps~
Booked 'ice kacang puppy love' at Queensbay.
* Sorry I can't find their poster. ><

This was a local movie by Ah Niu.
Fish Leong was in also!!!
Mom's friend daughter also in.
She was funny!!!
This movie was great! Just like when we are small.
Gary Cao Ge in the movie was damn funny!
Don't miss this movie, it is awesome.

Finally I bought the double eye lids from Sasa.
Now my mission was learn how to use it. =)
I guess I will use less fake lashes after I know how to stick them on my eye lids.

Went for don't know what acupuncture.
Not effective one. So lousy.
Yet, wasted money for that. =(

Meet up the two couples at night.
Shisha at Istimewa. Woots~
We used to have infinity of topics to share whenever we meet up.
And I am addicted to shisha now. ><

When will be the next time?

Apr 15, 2010


Why people having so many kind of different culture?
Why just can't be union and everyone practise on the same culture?
Accept the same things and reject the same things.
Then the world will be in peace, no wars, no objections, no demonstrations.
When Obama said go for green then everyone would just accept the concept and try to be as environmental friendly as possible.
It is kinda nice you know.

People in the USA wanted their children to be independence when they are teenage.
Their parents urging them to move out from the house and renting house alone at outside.
They left their children expose to the society and be independent.
This is their culture.

At Malaysia, it is kinda impossible to be independent by that way.
Children are not suppose to leave home except further study when the location was too far away from home.
There will always be negative thinking when hear about M'sia children move out from home.
The positive one would only be two:
Further study or getting married.
If you are too rich or your parents have to much houses and they don't even care which house you stay in, then good. =)

People will ask WHY when a teenager say want to move out from home.
The first question will be: Your parents torturing you isn't?
If the answer is no then people will say you being crazy for moving out instead of staying with family.
M'sia parents would think their children are rebelling and not filial to them.
Narrow minded?

So weird...
Anyway, I don't think Malaysia people could afford housing loan with that kind of amount of salary.
That's why teenager don't have the ability to stay apart from parents.
Besides, transportation in Malaysia are freaking expensive.
Don't even think to get a car if your salary are not more than 2k.
Why? Culture lur...

I think Malaysian should change their culture a bit.
Especially in paying and spending.
Paying should be higher than spending.


When could I have my own car?
When could I buy a house?

Apr 14, 2010

College Life/Prediction Comes True!!!

Wednesday, 14th April today.
The weather was freaking hot, feel like baked by the sun.
I just took a 10 minutes nap due to hotness.
Feel so headache when sleeping in the hot afternoon. WTF.
Can't survive without air conditional.

Last post was about sickness and now I think I won't get fever so easily.
Still having cough and running nose. Hmm...
B already recover from fever~ Woots~
Both of us fell sick at the same time. =.=
To prevent myself continue to follow the fall sick procedure, I drank lots of water and again I went to toilet frequently.

Having statistics 2 assignment yesterday and I found that my statistics so bad!
I got so many question that I totally don't know how to do. FML.
I was still torturing and yet the assignment driving me crazy.
However, thanks to my group members who completed it on time. =)
I got no idea how come my statistics become so shitty.
I guess I need to put a lot of hard works on it.
After the assignment, today I got financial management test. =.=
All come together. So tiring.
Luckily I managed to done my revision on time.
However, I got not enough sleep due to certain reason. Sigh...

Anyway, all of them had passed and I wishes I could get 8/10 correct in my finance test.

Here are some pictures taken during last Thursday marketing class.
It's been a long time since the last time we taking photos in class.

Take 1.
Wei Keat so fake.

Take 2.
He still pretending and Bing Yi's expression was funny.

Jingle bell jingle bell~

We continue steamboat(previous post) after classes.
I felt like we have not much chance to hang out in a big gang since few semester ago.
Beside that, this was the last year of the course.
Appreciate every single outing with them. =)

Still remember the tarot reading I mentioned in last month post?
Omg, the predictions were damn true!!!

I still remember she asked me whether I got wrench my feet before or not.
I answer no, slightly wrenched before but not serious one.
Then she told me better to be careful when wearing high heels.
I still remember last time my spinal pain due slightly wrenched.
I planned to go for doctor that time but I didn't make it at last and spinal pain for one day then back to normal. =.=
That was all before the prediction.

And now, I wrenched my feet again due to Casey and high heels. WTF.
Urgh... Casey was the wrong doer.
He blocked my way and I accidentally kicked him and I bended my feet.
Yet, he still keep blocking my way and he ignore my pains.
At first I thought was bleeding a bit only.
Then after shower, the scar comes out and became like this:

Black and blue on my feet. wtf.
It is pain!!!
Thanks to b for the ice compression.
I shout liked nobody business in the night because of the compression.
The picture was taken after ice compression.

The prediction comes true. T.T
My feet still pain and I think it is wrenched again.
I scare there will be side effect in the future. (walk with crutch)
So I decided to go for acupuncture tomorrow.
I hope they could cure my feet. =)