Dec 21, 2011

Beauty Foot Mask

Gonna blog about this today! 
Saw this at Sasa someday during hang out with friend.
According to Sasa consultant, this is better than pedicure because you only need to do twice a year, serious case 4 times a year. Good deal? Yea

#1 Packaging looked like this, attractive enough because it's in pink. Foot mask!

#2 OK I know this is gross but this is my feet before the foot mask. Dried foots, like chao kiam hu.

#3 Tear off the packaging, the silver colour one and there were two plastic bags inside. Plastic bags for foot wrapping. 

#4 Too lazy to show how to tie them on your foot, but it's very easy. You will understand once  you saw the plastic bags. Looked like some cheap boots that people usually use during flood. Wrap your foots for about 2 hours, it stated 1 and half but I let it wrapped for 2 hours. 

#5 From the instruction, it stated that your foot skin will peal off in 5 to 7 days. Mine one was faster than the instructions, those dead skin started to peal off on day 4, the day after I back from Hatyai.

#6 At first I was thinking of I need to peal them all myself, I did that but it's so hard because some parts haven't start to peal off. Then everyday I was busying pealing off my foot dead skin. Sound so dirty. 

After that I looked back at the instructions again, it said those skin will peal off automatically, it means also no need to peal. But if cannot tahan just peal whatever part that start to peal. Don't worry, your foot won't bleed. Meanwhile you will become more and more hardworking of pealing dead skin wtf.

#7 When the bottom part all pealed off, I become lazy to bother the top of my foot. Just let it peal itself, I am way too busy to bother to peal them again. So after one week, this is how my foots look like, seriously no dead skin cause all have been pealed off, and my foot become whiter and softer! Like baby foot gosh I love my foots! 

Oh the bfie started to complain me during the pealing off period, he cannot tahan and feel wanna help me to peal off my skin also. Haha 
This product is fun and super suitable for lazy bum girls, wrap your foots with plastic bags, then let it peal and you can have bling bling foots like superstars.

You can get this from any Sasa outlet. 
Try it out and have a nice day peeps.

Dec 19, 2011

Hatyai Shopping Sprees

Ya lah purposely went there for shopping.
A very short trip at very last minute, luckily everyone could make it. 
And also have to thanks the bfie for making all the arrangements. 
So sorry for my bad temper, sincerely apologize, you know I love you so much don't you.

This was my third time go to Hatyai. Excited max because I already planned what to buy.
Ka ching a list in my mind, where to shop and what to buy.
Drove all the way to Hatyai on 10th, early in the morning. 
Luckily we booked hotel few days ago cause most of the hotels in town area are fully booked.
Credit to Kittie for hotel recommendation, Paradise was really awesome! 
Nice environment, nice design with nice services.

#1 Take picture first when arrived our room. 

#2 Big room! Wow

#3 Shopped at Central Mall first. I was so bad luck, everything that I wanted was out of size. So down and so sad because could't get the things I want. No size buy also no use. 

#4 Before that we went to market, pasar pagi. Anyway, just bought few pajamas. Love the pajamas, quality improved, cute design and super cheap! See us busy picking our pajamas and also haggled over price with the auntie.

#4 Went to morning market before that. Still looking for this piggy bank, unfortunately I couldn't find. Saw this on my first time to Hatyai and before the flood.

#5 Went to floating market after that. Luckily bfie was driving cause we were all tired till fall in sleep. Just one day and I feel like I just went through marathon.

#6 With the bfie. The view was damn nice there and with good weather.

#7 Cut the nipple ice cream! It's nice and the ice cream automatically flew out after the staff cut the nipple. Ops

#8 Coconut juicy! Picked a hello kitty cup and you can bring back the cup after you finish the drinks. Somehow, we just left it there due to limited luggage capacity.

#9 Coming up next are all foods! Watch out because you gonna drool your saliva on your keyboard! One of my favourite ice cream that must have whenever step in Thailand. Actually Penang also got but the price is double than Thailand.

#10 Pork leg rice, directly translate from Chinese. You can't get nice pork leg rice in Penang, Idk why.

#11 Pork leg from Tesco Lotus.

#12 L size sotong! Bfie favourite foods and he said it was very nice.

#13 Bird eggs. Nais!

#14 Fried chap-pa-lang. LOL

#15 Too pretty to eat, so just see and look!

#16 Meat ball and fried bee-hun. The meat ball is nice! Bee-hun was bit expensive. 25 bath for that small amount, somehow, not really suit me.

#17 Went to this temple on the next day. Forgot the name but we spend some time to get there because it's in rural area and Gaming doesn't have the map to there.

#18 Witnessed the wild bats in the cave. The temple was orientation in a cave and the picture above showing the new construction outside the cave.

#19 All the stuffs that I got from the trip. Happy but not happy because should have buy more.

#20 Lastly, Christmas tree at lobby.

Christmas just around the corner, have you shop for your love one? I haven't. So failed.
Somehow I got my Christmas date booked and I just can't wait for the day to arrive!

Till then, 冬至快乐 everyone! 

Dec 15, 2011

Who don't like free stuffs?

Hello everyone!
Whoever still read my blog after a month with no blog post at all, thank you very much!
At least this is still somebody site with somebody walked by. 
Seriously degree is not easy, my time filled up by assignments and exams last month.
I was so lucky that I still survive under pressure. 
Now I am happy again because I had finished them all and I got 3 months plus holidays!

I shouted loud happily when I arrived home because I was so exhausted prepared for assignments and exams. And yea, I have started my holidays! Super happy!
Picture above taken during shopping haul at Hatyai, gonna blog about that soon! 

Today gonna blog about free stuffs! 
Who don't like free stuffs? Everyone love because you don't have to pay for it. Kaching kaching saved.
Me like to take free stuffs too, most of them are samples.

#2 I even prepared a place a box actually to put those samples.

#3 There are a lot more, these are what I have now.
Used a lot of them during travels, samples are easier to carry during travel, save luggage capacity some more. 
Samples can be get through purchasing at outlet and register online. Will speak about this later in this post.

#4 I haven't use these yet. These are from bliv where I purchase a box travel pack including these and bliv mask. Bliv mask is super awesome! Give it a try and you will go megusta! =D

#5 Skin care outlet like Skin Food and Sasa always giving out samples when you purchase. Btw samples from Skin Foods are kinda large. 

How about the rest? Where did I get them?
It is easy, you just have to pay attention to your favourite brands Facebook.

#6 Like Clarins, I remember when they launch this shaping serum, they put an announcement in their Facebook page that everyone can stand a chance to get V-shaped angle. Just by register!
Easy or not?! Then you can go and redeem samples at their selected outlets.

#7 Another from Clarins is their sunblock! I tell you, this is the best ever sunblock I had ever use! Ohmy, looking at this picture is like pursuing me to get a bottle for myself! Dang
SPF 40, on face, seriously no oily, and after you apply your face will look whiter and shiner.
Seriously this is good stuff! I would purchase this once my sunblock is finish.

#8 Burberry sent this newly launched fragrance sample to my doorstep.
Yea, to my doorstep. What I did was LIKE their Facebook page, and register my basic details.
Then they sent me this Burberry fragrance in within two weeks. How sweet!
Btw I liked this fragrance, long lasting and the smell is so nais! 

You won't believe there is something better than this.
LIKE Freebies Facebook page and you will be updated with whatever good deals in Malaysia.
Including samples giving away, promotion and etc.

This is where I get all the information from. 
Go like like and get deal deal!