Nov 4, 2009

Bye bye, Braces. :)

Today will be a memorable day to me.
Finally I had took off my ugly braces d.
No more braces, my teeth was free from now. :P
Sure I will gonna fat after the CNY next year.

This was the gives from dental.
My previous teeth model.

I can eat curry as how many times I like.
I can eat chocolate as many as I want.
I can bite bubble gum from now.
I could eat my favorite kuih tomorrow!
I can brush my teeth twice a day only and not four.
I could bling me teeth in front of camera.
I could smile as wide as I like. :)

Hey people, let me advise something here.
Who ever want to let their face slim down, you could try to wear braces.
Do not believe it?
See my last year face when just start wearing braces.
It is a huge different.

Yeepi ya ya~
No more dental once a month.
I was like release from jail which is the Dr. Oon Dental.

Bye bye, my dear braces.

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