Jun 30, 2011

Kopi Cine

This is another delayed post. LOL
Dined in Kopi Cine few weeks ago.
Of course, with the bf.

Many people asked me where is the location of Kopi Cine.
The restaurant located at Stewart Lane, near to Chulia Street.

#1 Dinner after night market. =D
The pale face and low quality picture. LOL

#2 Drew something with the crayons over there.
Kinda creative but it's not so appropriate to draw when eating. 
Btw, I drew and did wash my hands before eat. 

#3 The dinner set, for two. =.=
I was kinda hungry at that time...
And these aren't enough to fill my stomach. T_____T 

#4 Some table decorations and the menu.
Picture taken with the bf's new HTC babe.

#5 Busy drawing. =P

#6 Handmade necklace bought from night market.
Super love the handicrafts from the girl.

#7 Attractive fork and knife.
Each set design are different. So customizing! =D

Overall the foods and environment were OK.
However, the price are slightly expensive for the foods. =X

That's all for this post, Idk how to continue d. LOL
Bye peeps!

Jun 25, 2011

Dinner at Swensen

Some quick and short post. =D

My mom bought some vouchers from Swensen few months ago I guess.
The buy 1 free 1 main course vouchers.

So at a night 4 of us, my brothers and sister went to Swensen to spend the vouchers.
I still have a lot of them.

#1 Max 2 coupons per table. 
Oh and there are some coupons like FREE for selected foods in the menu.
But that one only allow one per table.

#2 The green thing ordered by my sister and the orange juice was mine. 
Nothing special for the drinks.

#3 Some cam whore picture before the foods. 
Put it in medium size cause iPhone front camera sucks. LOL

#4 Here come the foods. 
Clam Chowder. Some mushrooms soup with bread. 
The bread was awesome when ate together with the soup. 

#5 Then the Salmon Cabonara thing.
Seriously I hate white sauce pasta but there were limited choices on the menu, so...
However, the pasta has nothing special except with salmons.
One thing to comment was I can't even eat properly with fork!
I think they crumble the spaghetti because the length of the spaghetti was unusually short.

#6 Next coming up, the lamb chop.
I don't really interested in lamb, and this ordered by my bro.

#7 Then chicken chop.
The chicken was kinda appetizing, not bad.
Just they should served it hot instead of warm.

#8 Cheese Baked Rice.
This was the horrible cheese baked rice I had ever try.
So OMG the rice doesn't mix well with the cheese.
Ruined the whole dish. 
* Apologize for my straight forward. =D

#9 A picture with Casey. =D

As mentioned, short post. 
Gtg to continue my revision.
Final exam on next week, after that I will have plenty of time to update my blog!
Wait for me peeps!

Good night. <3

Jun 16, 2011

21st Cont.

There is another hectic day after 02062011.
Slept over time cause very tired. ><

Heading to Auto City for car show together with my friends.
 #1 Bumped into Jingle and Theing over there. =D
Top from Top Shop, present from the DBS gang. Love~

Planned to go for movie after that but all the cinema fully booked. 
No chance, even on my birthday.

Then the bfie said want to go HD.
I lazy to go out after shower and make up bla bla bla...

Somehow he insisted must go out. 
Then go lor, to Queensbay. =.=

#2 He treated me my favourite chocolate fondue!
Love love love~

 It was a very simple birthday celebration with him.
Although it was differ from what I expect but I am so grateful to have him beside me during my birthday.
It is just more than enough.

I appreciates for what you have done for me.
It is good to have you. <3


Gonna blog about my birthday now!
Officially finished the loads of assignments. *Relaxing face

I gonna post tons of pictures in this post.
Some of them are from Jingle, Teresa and Theing's cameras.

Having a very great dinner with a bunch of my friends on 02062011.
#1We went to Annabell because they said the restaurant got similar style like me. =P  

#2 The DBS gang! <3

#3 The sweet couple, Daniel and Kittiya.
TQ for coming Daniel. =D

#4 Another sweet couple, Vince and Pook.
Thanks for your coming too Vince. =D

#5 Snach snach with Jingle babe. 

#6 With Teresa babe. <3

#7 Having some really nice foods over there. 
Creme Brulee. <3
I love desserts!

Everything like going so fast.
They took out my cake before I finish my dessert. =.=
I was like OMG, two desserts at the same time?
Let me finish this one first can or not?
Then they said nvm one, put that aside first. lmao.

#8 Birthday cake from Jeny's Cake House. 
Yum yum, everyone loves it!

#9 Happy ever after face. =P

#10 Also thanks the boyfie for coming back!

#11 Then photo taking session. LOL
Was so busy taking photos here and there and basically I finished two desserts at the same time. =.=
Anyway, Creme Brulee and the cake were nice so Imma very happy! =D
Worth for the pennies!

#12 The girls! <3

#13 The Siam Po in our gang!

After the dinner everyone decided to go for second round.
#14 We went to Over Time @ Gurney.
First time been there. =D

#15 Beer time! XD
 Also have to thanks Jingle's brother for the birthday song!
Have a nice night over there.

 #15 With Bing Yi (left), KCC, Rowan and Sampah Boon (right).

#16, noob Rowan picture!

#17 Daniel left early after dinner at Annabell and he came back for the second round after that!
Touch touch! 

#18 And also my babe boy! 

We left after first round of beers. 
Time still early, the night is still young.
So they wanna go for third round. =.=
Suggested Redbox at first but majority don't want to go so we moved to Bed.
Then everyone was going. =P

#19 Bumped into the new married couple at BED.
Penang Island is so small!! XD

#20 Sampah Boon's tipsy face! 

#21 They finished 4 tours of beer that night.
And there were only less than half group people drinking!

 #22 With Jingle! Princessyyy~

#23 It was Xiao Zhi's birthday when the clock struck12am!
His birthday just a day before me!! =D
Happy belated 21st birthday Smaller!!

#24 The birthday birds! =D

#25 Lastly, the group pictures! 
Must must whenever we hang out! =D

*Spot Sampah Boon's tipsy face!

Have a great night with them.
Feel so lucky to meet them in my diploma.
They bought fun and make my college life wonderful!

Thanks a lot my DBS gang! <3 mak mak!

Jun 11, 2011

Wedding of Xin Hui & Wui Leong

So I am here, blogging in the early morning. *Sleepless night
Anyway, this is something big that I must blog because it's only once in a life time.
Wedding of my friends, Wui Leong who I preferred to call him Gigi and Xin Hui.
Wedding on 29th May and dinner on 28th May.
Let's start with the dinner part first.

Me and the boyfie have to ban leng leng before 3pm.
Then we headed to bridal shop to progress the car decoration stuffs.
However, due to the inefficiency of the bridal shop, the car only been decorated on 430pm instead of 330pm.

Not to mention which shop was that cause Imma put it in my blacklist. =P
Wasting our time.

Here are the ready to marry couple!
Gigi was the huge fan of Snoopy.

The snoopy will later tie in front of the car. Super cute!
Then we were chit chat and cam whore while waiting for the bridal service.
Anyway, the weather was super hot on that day!

Preparing outside the restaurant.
By the way we arrived kinda early together with the newlywed.

This scene was taken by ME!
Gigi was helping Xin Hui to wear the shoes. *Romantic

Then picture time! 
Three of them are friends for more than 10 years. 
This is the prove of BFFs!

This was the gang of the boyfie since N years ago.
Seldom hang out but I still remember them!
Them = the boyfie sei dong.

I was dang tired after that night because I only ate breakfast before the dinner.
Hungry like hell and I was informed the dinner will only start at 830pm.
Almost fainted in the restaurant.
Then I some more eat a bit only, afraid of vomit and stomachache if eat too much after hell starving.
Then after the dinner went to eat some more. =.=

OK, proceed to the next morning.
Another sleepless night. OMG
Woke up in the early morning and breakfast with the gang. 
Only few turned up the rest PPK. =.=

Wearing my favourite top and skirt! Love love!

The ji mui group!
I only knew two persons in the picture, exclude the bride. =.=

Some must-go-through process before the gaming session. 
So many cameras chi chak chi chak!

A happy ever prince and princess story! =D

End the post with ME! =P