Mar 31, 2010


Hi people. I am back again.
Busying recently and I felt that 24 hours per day is just not enough for me. :(
So bad to say that my healthy condition was not so good recently.
Having pimples at my forehead which I rarely have and one even on my bottom lips.
I felt so awful and my lips was sensitive again. Argh!!!
Period just came yesterday and I got stomachache just now.
Still haven't eat anything yet since lunch and I don't have appetite at all. :(
Feeling cold for whole day no matter at where.
I think I should bring my jacket to class as it is raining season now or else I will fall sick.

Having a great weekdays with my friends and b. :)
The party was surprisingly successful.
I am not going to post anything about the party yet cause I am too lazy. Haha...
Busying with study recently and I found that I can't concentrate in the class.
Such a nut, Idk where my passion had flied away together with my heart.
I got to get back myself to the track or else I will get lost.

Ohya, I went for tarot card reading few days ago.
Lots of my friends asking me weather the reading was accurate or not.
So good that I heard the answer from tarot for my question. :)
And the answer is YES!!! Woots~
I was too happy and I hope my luck won't change until I graduate.
The reading was not bad and the divinator was very enthusiasm in explaining the cards to me. :)
She gave a lot of advice to me and she said my boy was good. Hahahaha.
Happy to hear that and she said he might be my future until I old. Wow~
I hope the prediction would come true.
I loved those prediction and I hope it would just happen in my life and make me to be the luckiest one.

I am still thinking about the reading until now.
Girls rarely can forget about the prediction.
B said I should stop thinking nonsense like what the divinator said. :P
Girls like to think and I likes to think too.
Of course I won't think everything in the bad way, but I think both good and bad.

45 minutes for the tarot reading and it cost RM30.
Not bad and I will definitely go back to her someday when I get lost.
It is so worthy cause she told me I would success. Woots~~~


Having my favorite teppanyaki yesterday at somewhere near Island Plaza.
I went there twice and I loved their foods.
So tasty and delicious.
However, the place is so hard to get parking and they only open for lunch and dinner hour.
We went early this time to grab our lunch.

The miso soup.
Taste nice for me as it is not salty like those Japanese restaurant sold.

Erm... Sorry for the food part because I was too busy for putting those licious into my mouth.
However, so sad to say that the food quality was dropped compare to last time.
Idk why and I was quite disappointed with the food this time.
I hoped they would do it better next time.

Tomorrow was April fool, have to be careful so that won't fool by people.
I hate it when I got fooled. =.=

I wanted to say happy birthday to our beloved friend-Yi Yun (YY)
Happy birthday girl and wish all your dream may come true. :)

Mar 28, 2010


Feeling so hot while blogging although the weather seem going to rain.
Lets blog about my day.

Friday I got no class and my b date me out. Winks~
Planned to have dim sum for breakfast but my mom ppk us at last minute.
So I suggested to go to Old Town.
I guess I was falling in love with Old Town bread.
Anyway, their services still disappoint me. Sigh...
No change, they still served my bread cold.
Next time I should told them I want my bread warm after I order. Haha...

Make fun in Old Town.
Good good day for us. :)

Planned to go Queensbay for movie but I turned right at the edge of bridge. =.=
So we went to Gurney cause lazy to turn back to Queensbay.
We watched early movie that day. :)
Not much people while buying tickets but still need to queue up.
How come they only have 2-3 counters open for purchasing tickets?
Some more one of the counter were having problem with the card transfer payment.
I could not imagine how long is the queue at afternoon if these continue.

Green Zone at last.

Overall the movie was so so only.
The story was about the war between Iraq and the USA.
Not too good and not too bad, but bored.

B took economic rice as his lunch but I didn't.
I was craving for Mcd. Lolx.
Anyway, my lips turned into O shape when I just stepped in Mcd.
How am I going to have my lunch in such a crowded?
Oh gosh... People mountain people sea in Mcd.
So sad... I rather give it up than squeezing together in Mcd.

Called up Amelie Cafe to see weather they still have any set lunch.
Luckily they still have. :)
Headed to Amelie and surprisingly in love with the tomato pasta.
Some more with cheese on top. Love~

Back to college after my lunch to print FM notes.
FM notes was fuggy thick!
I ran out my paper on Thursday so I continued them back the next day.
See, good student.
1 hour wasted in lab for those notes. @.@

Then b headed to somewhere and I got myself some fake lashes.

It was so damn cheap man!!!
People are selling RM5/8/10 outside and I got them at a very low price. Woots~
Cheer for myself~

Having our dinner at Secret Recipe before sending me back.
I have been craving for SR since long long time ago.
I don't get the chance to go there with my b as much as I want.
So happy when b said OK, we have our dinner there.
I loved Secret's cakes very berry much.


I was easily to get mad recently.
Idk why and seem like every little things could just pissed me off easily.
Waiting was my shortcoming.
People just like to ppk at last minute without inform!!
I was damn mad that I was being told that I can't go for tomb-sweeping and have to wait someone at home, ALONE.
I was liked an idiot waiting for hours.
Fcuk you all being so selfish and wasting my time.
I suppose to go out with my friend instead of being an idiot at home.
Last minute plan are just fcuking stupid and idiot.
I don't plan for last minute, I plans for next minute.
So don't ever tell me anything that might turn up into last minute plan.
Waiting are just pissed me off! KNN!

Mar 22, 2010

Love World Love Sloggi

When I first saw Lady Gaga from telephoned video.
I was like WOW~~~
Her hair is mad chio with those soda cans. Haha~
Many people would guess like what she wanna to tell from her fashion.
Some people commented that she is so environmental friendly...
Some people commented that is bull shit.
For me, that was mad chio~~~
Anyway, I am not going to learn from her in the dressing part. Haha.
Not dare to try to wear soda cans on top of my head and go out.

Penang government was launching no plastic bags day in July 2009.
It start off with one day in a week which was on Monday only.
Every 2o cents would charge on any consumer that asking for plastic bags.
That sound good at first.
People always being so forgetful.
Not much people will bring their own recycle bag to hypermarket/ supermarket.
Then they would blame for charging 20 cents or blaming the government comes out with this stupid idea.

Now the government had extend the no plastic bags to 3 days.
Means 3 days you can't get any plastic bag while you shopping.
So funny when you saw people hugging their daily stuffs walking in the mall.
To avoid this, I advised my mom to put some recycle bags in every cars in our house.
So that whenever she felt want to buy things she wont have to hug everything with only 2 arms.
Good idea right?

Some people even put a recycle bag in their handbag.
I didn't do this. ><
It will be too heavy for me.
I always asks for leng leng bag whenever I purchase atas goods.
Girls always like this, want for leng stuffs.
Normally they will give you one big and leng paper bag. Woot~
No plastic bags really could influence certain business.

Eh, but then I did throw over the paper bags OK.
I kept them nicely in my rack. :)
Sometimes I even glu back the paper bag when they are spoil. Lolx.
I am too kiam to throw away those leng paper bags.
I even collect some of those leng plastic bags, but never use lor. ><

See, Casey like to pee on recycle newspapers. Muahahaha.
Ohya, not to mention that he is 5kg right now. @.@
Wtf... He still gaining weight after one year!
Duh... I wonder how he could gain weight by being picky har?
He is the most choosy dog I had ever met.
So choosy but still can gain weight? Keat...

Btw, this post is suppose to be love the world. :)
Nowadays all people comes out with recycle products, recycle ideas, recycle events.
People just started to be greened. :)
Anyway, there is still some people falling sleep and don't have the acknowledgement of recycle.
For example, smoking.
I hate smoker. Hmm... Seriously.
When my bf told me he used to smoke before and I was like WHAT? Are you kidding me?
Then he faster explain he don't smoke anymore now. Haha.
I told him if you smoke again, I would be angry and don't want to talk to you.
Some smoker just throw away their cigarette whenever they go.
While driving, while chatting, while walking, whenever they go, they will just throw.
Damn mad when the driver in front of me throw the cigarette out from window.
So damn lo heng!!

Ok, back to the topic.
Now you can found lingerie made from recycled materials.
Sound so plasticity huh?
It just good and match for those environment friendly people.

New range Sloggi lingerie which called Loce World Love Sloggi was made from ecologically-friendly fabrics and it offer great comfort and a super fit for all day long.
Sounds good.
I surfed through their web and I found that their bras are so cute and variables.
Now you can saving the environment by wearing lingerie too. Haha.

Do visit for more information. :)

Mar 21, 2010


New semester are going to start on tomorrow.
So lucky that I passed the two subjects in last semester. Woots~
College had offered us only 3 subjects in this long semester.
So I retake EBT in this semester. :)
I hoped I won't fail this time.
Felt sucks when the result slip told me you are fail. ;(

So damn bad lor.
I don't even know why I could fail EBT.
No idea no idea no idea.
I couldn't accept the fact when I received the result slip.
So sad and so down.
Yeah, I am not as strong as I expected.
I cried and I keep on thinking it for a week. Lolx.
I got no mood to do anything on that week. Hah...
My mum disappointed with me when she knew I failed.
Nothing else than sorry I could say to her.
But this time, I won't fail it again.
Definitely I would study hard, coloring my coursework do well in oral. :)

See, my shoes had been bling up.
RM10++ for these few blings. =.=
How come so expensive har? Can't we get RM1 per 100 blings?
Dreaming. zzz

I so damn hate shrew that shouting abuse in the street while she is the wrong doer.
So no standard and no culture.
So luckily, I just met one in this morning.
Actually she has been living as my neighbour for a year. Haha...
I got no idea how come people can be so ugly?
The story begin like this:
She was a economic rice seller and that was their family business too.
They cooked their foods behind the house which in an alley.
I never ever eat their foods neither buy.
They got no sense of hygiene that they put their big bucket of rice behind the bin.
So damn disgusting. Yew...

They used to throw, dump, pour whatever remnant, rubbish while cooking.
As the result, everything stuck in the drain and it cause pollution.
Today, the smell had become even worst.
My father talked to the women and requested them to flush all the remnant so that they won't stuck at there and turn into damn smelly drain.
Then the women turned into shrew and shouting abuse in the street.
She was the one who cause the pollution and yet she denied.

No morale shrew: That one is your drain and you expect me to clean for you ar?

Dad: You can't say like that, you flush everything here. You come and see, it is damn gross and smelly.

Stupid shrew: I got flush OK, that one is your house not my house. Nobody complaint so far, only you the one who complaint.
(Auntie, we so free ar after cook inside the house and open the door to poor oil or whatever into the drain and then claim that it is yours one?)

Dad: Very smelly OK. You have to make sure that the whatever inside the drain can flow smoothly so that all the rubbish won't stuck at there.

Shrew: What bla bla bla bla~
(Shouting abuse again)

She just don't understand.
She is so damn selfish. Doing whatever harmful just because of her business.
Then I told my dad in a normal tone.
People need to eat we no need to eat mah.
Then another neighbour come and told us don't complaint so much lah.
Everyone clean a bit will do lah. Don't argue.
Wahlao, people talked nicely to her and she shout like a shameless shrew.
Then my dad angry and told me just snap the drain picture and complaint to MPSP.

Then, she called her Indonesia maid to flush the road and drain with water.
Damn funny.
In Chinese there is always one sentence call 各人自扫门前雪,莫管他人瓦上霜
This is what exactly the shrew did.
I hoped they will flush cleanly every time after they pour whatever inside the drain.
Or else, they will going to get a summon.
So selfish!!!

Anyway, business man is always so selfish. WTF

Mar 18, 2010

A Day With The Spices

This post was about mine Tuesday. :)
An outing with my b again. ♥♥♥
School holiday now, everywhere were full of people.
So I planned up everything on Tuesday.
Not a very good idea but at least got place for us to go and spend our time.

We went to Amelie again for our brunch. :)

Loved the place. 3rd time been there.
It still early and we were the first customers.
Then we have to wait due to some ingredients haven't arrive yet.
So we played with the doggie while waiting.

Looking and waiting for female boss to come back.

I am not sure what is her name.
She was damn cute~
The chief told us she likes bread.
Casey also liked the mangkali bread.
She was damn excited and tension when the chief served me my mushroom soup with garlic bread.

Pair of Bling eyes.

This was the sympathetic way of her. Lolx.

The chief.

My banana lime juice.
Taste weird but nice~

B's tuna pasta. Yummy yummy~

Amelie's toast.
With yogurt and cinnamon on the top.
It is OK for me to have one slice, but not two.
The taste was too heavy to me.
A bit like J Co's yogurt.
I think some people might like it.

We spent quite some time over Amelie and yes they treated us like regular customers.

I am not sure anyone who read my post had already been there.
I know some of my friends are interested to go there.
However, Amelie cafe are going to have renovation start from next week.
The chief told me maybe would take 2 to 3 weeks.

Don't know how would it be like after renovation.
Can't wait for it. :)

After brunch we headed to Gurney to buy skin product.
Luckily I did buy the one recommended by Queensbay brunch.
My commitment still at Gurney brunch. :)
Finally got the serum from skinfood. Winks~

Next location-Spice Garden.
Hmm... I know it is a bored place I wanna to go there because I never been there before.
Not purposely go there to understand more about spices.
I went there with a thought of maybe that place was nice and we could have photoshoot inside. Lolx.
Not much local people would go there I guess.
Saw some group of ang mo inside with the tourist guide.

Hot day~

Can't see the pond clearly.
Anyway, it was a greenish pond. Nothing special.

There were little small fishes in the pond.

Leopard lover~

Bling bling mini water fall.

Swinging time~ :)
The swing was huge, can fit 4 shin's size.


Too hot inside.
Wanted to have nasi lemak as my lunch but we could not find any nasi lemak at that time.
So we went for MCD. :(
So fatty after a spicy chicken mc deluxe.
Met ah tu ah gao over there again.
They were so shitty! I can't even hear what had I spoken.
So embarrassing and we just went out.

Went to botanic garden to see orchids.
Hmm... Orchids...
First time using nikon for shooting.
Not really in good quality.
Here are some of the pictures.

Click here for more pictures.

Ohya, not to forget.
Today was one year after Uncle Sillan passed away.
So fast, one year passed.
Not too sad to talk about him again now. :)
His 1st year prayer will be fall on 5th April, 10a.m. at his house.
Anyone who knew him please pay a visit to the ceremony.

Lastly, wish he stay happily and pressure less together with God.

Mar 17, 2010


Hey people, I am back again. :)
So bored recently and I am totally out of idea on deciding where to go.
Weather had slightly changing to warm.
Better than during CNY, freaking hot and people fall sick so easily.

This post are going to be a long post and full of pictures.
Take your time and do enjoy yourself.

Last Friday (12th March) was our 2nd years anniversary.
So bad lor b working on the day. =.=
So we postpone our outing or maybe celebration to Saturday and Sunday.
Time flies and we have been together for 2 years.
So hard to believe that I managed to maintain a relationship for such a long period for the very first time. :)
Clap for myself. Muahaha~

Sorry b I can't give you anything more than just a self made card.
I am broke after valentine. ><
A sincere and ordinary card from me.
Pinkish and bling. (Love)

I woke up kinda early that day and dressed up myself.
So that he won't mumbling when he have to wait me again.
We went to old town at Auto City to have our breakfast.
I hate to deal with Nangka, they just can't communicate. Ish...
They served me cold toasted bread. Damn!!!
Anyway, they microwave it again for me and melted all my kaya and butter when I requested the Nangka to serve me a warm one.
Old Town should stop hire those nangkas as they would bring down the reputations.

Then we headed to Gurney and decided to catch Alice in Wonderland 3D at last minute. =.=
Queued up and that time was nearly 12p.m.
I know that were hopeless to ask for the movie ticket on 12.30p.m. at that time.
However, miracle happened.
There were only left 2 seat place (reservation roll) for Alice 3D on 12.30p.m.
So damn lucky! Even the GSC ticket seller saying that we were so damn lucky.
Cause everyone wanted to watch that and can't get the ticket.
We got it on last minute~
I liked to be the good good luck one. :)

It cheered up my mood.
Then we went for some walked in the mall and bumped into Bell.
She was wearing white dress with slippers. lmao.
Chit chat with her then we off to movie. :)
Btw, congratulation to your brother.

Alice time~~~
First time watched 3D movie and the glasses they gave me was too big. =.=
It just keeps on slipping.
I wondered how the children wear?

I wanted to watch this movie so badly just because of Johny Depp~
I loved his movie after watching the pirate of the Caribbeans.

The red queen was mad chio and cute~
But she was so cruel in the movie.

Overall the story line was not bad and I kinda liked fairy tales.
The cinema was full of children laughing. =.=
So funny meh? Laugh till non-stop.

After the movie we went to Amelie to grab our lunch.
So sad and unlucky to hear that nothing much left for lunch when we arrived there.
Anyway, the chief made up his mind and made pasta for us.
If not mistaken was something like lime pasta.
Not really fall in love with the taste.

I got the very last brownies of the day as my lunch.
I loved their ice cream~

They have limited potion of foods everyday so that the foods was served fresh everyday.
So, if you wanted to taste them, you have to go earlier.
I was the lucky one to have the last potion. Lolx.
Anyway, reservation are available. :)

Night, Queensbay mall, where I met those ah beng ah lian.
Have my late dinner at coffee bean and chopper board.

After searching for the whole day, finally found jenga which was on affordable price.
Nah, looked alike to UNO one, but still a different from quality.
I don't even understand what the hell was the rules talking about.
So I will just play like normal jenga way.

Done a small research on toys the day too and now I know where to get good quality of toys at lower price. :)

Sunday (14th March)
Woke up as usual and showered my dog in the early morning. Lolx.
Not really early also lah, around 9a.m.
Then without any make up, went to Penang breakfast with b and his mum. =.=
Dim sum for the morning.
Anyway, I still prefer BM's dim sum. :P
Actually is my b asking me don't make up as I slept quite late yesterday.
So, no make up face with ordinary dressing.

After breakfast went to b's house to made soya.
Then we headed to Queensbay again.
Walked around and I did something embarrassing.
Sorry ya. >< style="color: rgb(153, 51, 153);" size="2">Lolx.

Time flies.
New semester are just around the corner.
So freaking worry of Friday which is the result slip collection day.
I hope I could pass my macro and personal management.
New semester, new life.
Throw off all the badly memory and start with a new memory card.
Ignore people's words as much as possible if not I will got in a crash again.
Study hard and finish my last year of diploma then I would graduate~

Where to go after diploma?