Jul 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Fionnie!

#1 Let me have a blog post before heading to bed. 

It was Fionnie's birthday party that held on 16th July @ Little Cottage.
She has been told me about the birthday party before she went to Aus. So cannot ppk, must go! =D


#2 Arrived the venue and wait for others to arrive. =P 
Very thank you to the bf for accompany me. LOL Actually I bring my bf along whenever I go, cannot without him. Imma his baby girl. *Winks

#3 Bery love the environment over there.

#4 Of course, foods were good too!! Nice foods nice environment nice people. =D

#5 Low quality picture. Haha but still wanna post up. =P
With Ah Ching, my bao zhu po. =D

#6 Group photos after the nom nom section, mad paiseh I asked my bf to use my iPhone to take the photos and everyone else use DSLR. *dig hole.
I realized I didn't put my camera into my handbag whenever go out since I got iPhone. 
Jerk, iPhone got too much awesome apps that will make your pictures super cute and super sui!
Refer to the previous post, then you will know how much I love them.

#7 With Mag and Ah Ching. Mag was Disted rapunzel who have super long hair. I got no courage to keep until that length because I hate wash hair and blow hair. Took 30 minutes everyday. *Grump

#8 Spot I was taller than Mag! Haha! Never been so tall in my life. Wtf
I was actually wearing heels, very tall that kind. First time ever and luckily it doesn't kill me or make my face tap on the floor. 

That day I was away from home and I put the super high heels beside my bed. My mom saw it and she was angry. At first I thought she was mad because I spent money on shoes again. Manatau, she was worry about my backbone issues after I told her I bought the shoes at discount price. Heels kill backbone, yea it's true.
Ya lah I knew it but I very like the heels+it was at burning price+last pair, so why not? Slap
Still feeling very happy because I feel the love from mom! Haha

#9 They served wine after the group photos. I don't even finish it because I seldom take alcohol, plus I'm the wrong person for red wine. Fml

#10 Another picture with Mag.

#11 Last but not least, happy birthday babe! Study hard hard in Aus and will see you again in November! Love

#12 Another last one, with the important one in my life. =D
Sorry for spending so much! Zhao!

Jul 18, 2011

iPhone's Apps

Today gonna do a review on my favorite iPhone photography apps.
Just pick a few that I have been using recently.
There are a lot more in iStore but normally good one will need to pay. =(

#2 As you can see, I got another block for photography tools too.
But I'm not so favor with them and seldom use them so I will just skip those.

#3 Photo Shake! Super easy to use apps!
Super love because I can squeeze as many photos as I like in a photo. Plus with different layout and design for the frame. 

#4 Select the photos you want (click the camera thing) and then shake your phone!
Then it will come out with the photos combination, you just have to keep on shake your phone until you get the design that you like. Super easy!

#5 The outcome. So nice right? =D 
Taken during Fione's birthday party!

#6 Different layout and different colour and design for the frame.
It's easier than photoshop, shake those photos and get the design that you like!
Easy, simple and quick!

#7 Camera+, another awesome apps recommended by Sharon Lun.
Take photos on the spot or take from your photo album. =D

#8 By this you can adjust the scenes, flip the photos (left, right, up,down).
The most awesome part was the effects!
Comes with 9 colours, 6 retros and 9 specials. The analog will need extra pay.
Three of them already enough for me cause 3X9 have 27 different patterns.
Come together with the borders design, kinda limited compare to other apps so I didn't use the borders.

#9 Taddaaa~ Pretty or not? =D

#10 Mei Tu Xiu Xiu. This is another super awesome apps!
Easy to use and the effect is super sui~~

#11 A bit similar like Camera+ but for me this is cuter! You can make your photo in a more illusion way!
Not to forget you can have a blurrier background like dslr with this apps!

#12 Like this! They come with snow flakes effect too. In case you want to make yourself look like in a snow place, put that on! Haha

#13 This is also from Mei Tu Xiu Xiu.拼图
Max you can put on 9 photos, pick the layout you like, choose the background you preferable, then done!
Every photos arranged nicely by the apps, you can also arrange those photos by yourself. Like semi auto. 
Super love the background!

#14 Smile Cat! Super kawaii apps! Irresistible!

#15 A photo of someone feet. LOL
Added on the mustard things, cute isn't?! 
However, this is kinda takes time cause all the cute cute stuffs are kinda small, if you wanna make it smaller will be difficult a bit.

#16 Various background to choose on! Super romantic and kawaii!

#17 Various stickers, got balloon, face, illust, message, and travel.

#18 Another cute edition, my new pet, Ong Lai.
Super hate him because he just can't listen to human orders!

#19 More Beauty apps! This is totally my favourite and this is super convenience!

#20 Select a photo or take photo! Then it will auto edit for you.
You can still change the tone, brightness, smoothing and detail by your own selves.
There is also the before and after comparison, just to show you how awesome you will look in your picture with after button. LOL

#21,22 The before and after! No need make up also can make leng leng!

#23 The last apps, Labelbox!
Super love cause those ribbons are pretty and you can write anything you like.
Using photoshop is like meh, take so long time.
This is very quick and fast and convenience! Plus, it's FREE!! 

Total of 6 apps to be shared. I believe there are more awesome apps in the future cause technology never slow and stop!
Hope you like the post and enjoy reading!

Jul 16, 2011

Bubble Milk Tea+Chiong K!

 This is how my holidays look like. XD

#1 Addicted to bubble milk tea recently, zomg! Thx to the hot weather. 
Ohyea, BM was having super yummy Lohas that makes me crave for it so much! Irresistible!

#2  Another addiction, Chatime @ 1st Avenue. Zomg

 #3 A week after the exam we date with Fionnie! 
Having lunch together, shopping session and some gossip session, a must during girls date.

#4 And yea we having dress code on that day and everyone dress alike! Love love!

#5 With Fionnie and Mag! 

#6 Fionnie and Jingle!

#7 Having Chatime again in Queensbay after lunch.
Although we were full and super cold sitting inside Chatime, bubble milk tea still a must! LOL
We were loyal customers!

 #8 Honey lemon aloe, all time favorite! It's better than milk tea and I super loves their aloe vera, like so crunchy and bouncing!

 #9 So this Tuesday, we have another date again, chiong k! Tsk tsk
Camho with Teresa and Jingle babe!

#10 Excellent camho skill that can fit 5 people in one picture. Credit to Jingle!

#11 Mag and Fionnie! Mag have Rapunzel hair and Fione have super black and silky hair! And I look like nothing squeezed between them. T___T

#12 Robito fans!  White one cantik pun cause pink one no more d. =(

#13 Another Robito, so happy and I bought it right away from Padini. Too bad the ring was kinda big for my fingers. ;( However, still love! xD

 #14 I called it the combo of pictures! Super love. Going to do more next time. Tsk

#15 After chiong k we went to Sakae to fill up our tummy then Chatime again!
Gurney is having a new branch of Chatime, this is so awesome!
So we having Chatime again. LOL

#16 Gossip session with chatime and that's end our story. LOL

Holidays that full with bubble milk tea. End up having bubble milk tea 5 days in a week. WTF
Imma going to have bubble milk face! LOL

Thx for reading xiexie.