Oct 31, 2009

Birthday Party Week

Ahah... Here has been leaved dead again. 
Bo huat, two assignment to get done in this week.
Anyway, I managed to get them done and passed up on time.
Thanks to my group members for all the co-orperation.
Also for some friends and classmates who helped me a lot. :)

Ohya, my Facebook also has been leaved dead for few days. xD
Facebook is one of the factor which will influence the efficiency of students in doing assignment.
The good example-Wei Keat

Friday night was Jacyline's birthday, who are my secondary school friend.
Very sorry for went back early.
Wish you a very happy birthday over here. :)
The birthday girl.
* Grabbed from Teresa+Jingle's album.

Me and my hubby.

Kai Woon~



After that, rushed to Upper Penang Road for celebrating MR.MIOW's birthday. :(
Sorry for the late, Mr. Miow. >.<
I know your family purposely came back from Langkawi for these.
Super duper sorry to you.
A very happy birthday to you over here.
Wish you work hard for next baby. :P
*Grabbed from Pb's album.


These two people are gay.

Miow family~

Super duper exhausted now.
Went back in the early morning of 4a.m.
Sleep 5 hours and get back to hometown. @.@
Damn tired lah wei~
Anyway, thanks for my hubby for the mc flurry. XoXo

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