Sep 20, 2009

♥ Casey

It's been ages I did not talk about my lovely son over here.
Today gonna upload some of his life over here.
He had grown up very fast. :)
By the way, he is super duper naughty.

Hi, I am Casey.

Mummy asked me to post like this.

Mummy, outside got monster! Come hug me up and I wanna bark them away!

Uhh... I love to be hugged like this.

Bed bed bed bed~ I love twisting on bed.

You tiak me see, I am gonna bite you!

I am cool and handsome.

Outside got food. *Staring~

Mummy, I am dead.

Yeah yeah, mummy play bear with me again.

Oh my God. This was cute!!

Here is the before and after of Casey.
Sometimes I use to call him keh leng or keh leng keh si. =.=
Well, he really acting and patterning a lot.



He use to have rubbish party at night in kitchen.
He likes outing and bark on dogs.
He likes to play with bear and human fingers. O.O
He use to run away after he done mistakes and acted like nobody business.
Ohya, he loves mo ho kuih!! =,=
He loves durian, mi ku, and bread too.

Many people asking me why not you cut off his tail so that he look more nicer?
Oh, I do not feel like I wanted to hurt my little son just because of let him look nicer.
He even look cuter by his tail. :)
I likes the way he shacking his tail and jumping up and down when I return home.

Anyway, he is tambai. :P

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