Oct 10, 2009

War Museum

Last Tuesday due to Vivi came back, we went to War Museum as planned early ago.
It is been age I did not pay a visit to the historical place.
Anyway, it was fun but not really fun.
The mosquitoes over there were like hungry ghost.
I and Vivi were having 'blood donation' over there without voluntary. T___T
I hate mosquitoes.

After finished class at one o'clock.
My hubby came to fetch me and we went for lunch.

Nasi Daun Pisang for our lunch.
Yummy yummy~
It was Indian traditional food, it was really nice and spicy too.
This was my very first time went to Indian restaurant and have my Indian lunch.
The restaurant just located at Little India there.
I had forgot the name for the restaurant.
Do try it if you went to Indian restaurant. Thumbs up~

After lunch we fetched Vivi and we straight headed to War Museum.
There were only few tourists inside there. =.=

Snapping again while waiting Chun Lim.

After Chun Lim came, then we went in.
So lets the pictures do talking.

Actually I not really have idea what is this.

Vivi with the mini hut?
I think the hut was used to store bullets for cannon.

The big big canon~

Look a bit like rubbish... >.<
Kinda like this picture.
We were going into the tunnel. :)

The badges inside the tunnel.
Actually there were quite a lot but I just snapped one.

The bullet.
Look fatty. Opps...

This was the place where we climbed in like turtle. :(
We end up with climbing up to the surface by ladder.
The exit.

Canon firing by us.

Omg, I look kinda childish. >.<
The well. *I think.

This is the place where they store the bullet of canon.
It is also the place where the giant canon located.* Inside the circle.
Anyway, the canon had gone. :(

No. 31.
The Booby Trap Zone.

The Escape Route.

The boom effect.

Something like alarm.
Spoilt d. :(

We were climbing up and down like a monkey inside.


That was heavy.

The observation post.

The war game park.

I have no idea what is this call.
Pancung kepala stage?
The house, with the tree.

This is the open air theatre.

They died for all free man.

This is the place where people been tortured.

The toilet.

The table.

One of the room.

The original window glass.

The cook room.
There was quite lots of cook rooms over there.

One of the bed room.

The Malay Others Rank.

The grave.

The old old old transportation.

This picture look like the picture in our secondary school text book.

The underground.


The old lamp.

Lastly. The ticket. XD

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