Sep 16, 2011


Enjoy a short vacation with bunch of my friends at Pulau Langkawi a week before my new semester.
It was my very first time to Langkawi and it's really fun!
Never shower so much time in a day in my entire life. 
The weather was toasting and turned me into tan mui.

#1 Drove all the way to Kuala Kedah and arrived Langkawi after one and the half hour later by boat.
Feel a little bit dizzy during the journey.

 #2 It's been really long time since the last vacation with my pinky cam.
Go green recycle bag from Skin Food, flippers and my leopard bag! love!

#3 Love the sea view over here!

#4 Rent a car over there as soon as we touch the land. It was quite worth cause we got a City for RM180 for 3 days. Checked in hotel and headed to the Oriental Village for curve hanging bridge at Gunung Machincang.

#5 Cam whore in the cable car because the cable car take some time to reach the top. FUN!
You get to see whole view of the mother natural creations. So nais and pretty.
Ohyea, we love pink with Sony.

#6 Girls cam whore time at the hanging bridge. The wind was kinda strong that day and the bridge was shaking. We kinda lucky because the bridge were going to closed after we came down from there.

#7 Very nice view of Langkawi. LOVE~

#8 You have to walked for some distance from the cable car area to the hanging bridge. I was so busy even on exercising cause I found there's 3G line at the top of the mountain. So hurry check in. LOL

#9 Little Keona, we were trying to ask her stop eating mamee and smile at the camera. But end up she was the one who look at the camera and two of us being busy babysitting. LOL
Btw super love this picture because it's so natural.

#10 Got a bad hair day due to sea wind. I washed my hair everytime back to hotel, then everyone wait for me to dry hair because there's only me with long hair, the rest all short hair. zzz
Anyway, my hair still turn to heavy sticky because our hotel just beside the sea. Bad hair days.

#11 The cable car was actually located in a park, it was so many people when we just came in. After 5 we came down and everything was closed. What the... It just 5pm and every shops closed. Left the duck feeding shop selling few snacks and drinks. Wanna look for rabbits but that section also closed.

#12 Woke up pretty early on the next day. Went for island hopping. Skipped our breakfast because we were late. FOL. Then the driver was even late than us FHL. Didn't bring anything together with me except sunglasses. Dumb.

#13 Island hopping was an activity of rounding the three islands in Langkawi area with boat. LOL lame explanation but basically was like that. They bought us to Pulau Dayang Bunting first.
It was the silhouette of the pregnant maiden from a distance and you can dip your feet into the waters or splash and swim around in the enclosed sections. There was a story behind this lake and this lake was form because of the collapse of the rocks or whatever. LOL

#14 Fish spa. However I don't like this place lah cause the lake water wasn't clean enough.

#15 Everyone swim inside the lake except me and the bf because I doesn't know how to swim and I might just die in the lake although they provide the floating jacket. Super hawt sun that burn my skin like hell!

#16 After that went to Pulau Singa Besar to see eagles. See how eagles fly, hunt, eat.
Imagine the sampah tang with a lot of flyer bee bee bee on the top, put this into the island hopping in Pulau Singa Besar.The boats were sampah tang and the people who were in the boats were sampah. zzz
Lame joke from Ho Chun Lim. Sweat!!

#17 Went to Beras Basah Island after the sampah tang experience. The sea water over the island was super clear until I can see my own feet from the top. Got sunburn over there because we arrived the island in the afternoon around 12. Just like cooking raw human meat in the sea. Spending about one hour over there was making me dying and yet the people who drove us there diving some more. Want to go back to the jetty also cannot unless we drive the boat ourselves. Next time should bring tower, shirt and top to change.

Back to hotel with dying body and shower myself form top to toes for at least twice. Cannot tahan the stickiness on my hair and skin. Luckily we bought some pizzas back to hotel during shower because there was raining while everyone was preparing to dress up for next activity. So lucky if not we will die in hotel because the room we stay were so far from the lobby and there was no phone in the room. Wtf and once you open the door you will just expose to rain, no roof.

#18 Went for some foods after the rain stop. Ate like hungry ghost. Gosh
After that we went for some adventure at don't know what beach. LOL There were lots of dead or going to die corals.Very less people went there cause the beach wasn't pretty anymore.

#19 Play with sea cucumber. Chun Lim almost catch all the cucumbers and intended to bring back to Penang. Btw those cucumbers were big. Didn't make up for that afternoon because of tiring to make up remove make up remove make up remove so many times in a day. Might just put my cosmetics all away next time when go to Langkawi.

#20 I got no idea what's this but it's so big and gross.

#21 My favourite seafood founded over there! So big feel so hungry now. Slurp~

#22 We were like hey come see this this is so cute whenever anyone found anything!
Souting like nobody care and we did enjoyed a lot. This was like treasure hunting during childhood. FUN!

#23 This was the beach in the middle of the sea. So white and the background was so good! Just the sand was a bit harsh. I jumped on the beach for few times and I get muscle cramp FML.

#24 Oh well well, came back from the childhood adventure activity, I shower again. From top to toes and toes to top. I never shower so many times in a day especially my hair because I can't bother to spend 20minutesX3=60minutes, 1 hour per day to blow my hair. But that time no choice, I hate hair being sticky.
Dressed up for the last dinner in Langkawi. Everyone was starving like hell.

#25 Dinner over here! Very nice seafoods especially the crabs! I love crabs!

#26 The bf god sister throw a birthday surprise for him. Although it was a simple one, it's not easy to gather people from Langkawi, Penang and Singapore together, it's still a special one.

#27 Here was the bf god sister.

#28 Picture taken by Vivi's cam. So nice make me feel wanna to have one.

#29 Last but not least group photo that only can get once in a blue moon. Precious one!

Please visit my Facebook photo album for more pictures and also Vivi's.
Sorry for abandon my blog for weeks because my laptop are not portable anymore now so I doesn't have a laptop with my pictures inside to update my blog. Yea, broken down. So down. Haiz

Anyway I will still continue to update as frequently as I can once I back to my hometown.

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