Sep 1, 2011

Mag's 21st Birthday Bash!

Happy birthday Mag! 
Mag held a party at Little Cottage during her 21st birthday. 
Thanks for the invitation we did enjoyed ourselves that night. 

This post as usual gonna be full of photos.
#2 We arrived kinda early on that night. Played with the balloons and cam whore!

#3 Love palaroid! 

#4 Girls power!

#5  Matching my pants and my shoes that night. Super love!

 #6 Theing complained I was too high that night. LOL

#7 Mag with pretty flowers! Matching couples!

#8 Promoting ice kacang! But ended up cannot finish and passed to Chee Chung! Tsk tsk

  #9 Happy!

 #10 Girls love cam whore!

 #11 With Sasa babe! Gonna moved to her side soon!

 #12 Wine was served that night.

 #13 DBS gang!

 #14 The birthday cake! Look so real!

#15 May your wish come true babe!

 #16 Group photo! Girls part.

#17 And boys part.

Happy belated birthday to you again Mag. 
Hope you really enjoy the night and thanks for the invitation!

And HAPPY MERDEKA to Malaysia!

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