Oct 29, 2011

Random Post About Busy Life

Aloha everyone, I'm back. 
Been really busy recently, plus assignments and exams are coming soon.
I feel like I got no time to rest. Tired.

#1 Well, a picture of me working for Astro. Working with super nais crews and friends. It's the most enjoyable work if you are able to work together with your friends, at least you won't feel why I'm so alone.

#2 Bery enjoy! Love the job very much although have to wake up in the super early morning to get ready.  Still very enjoyable because working with my girlfriends! 

#3 Ohya, why am I so busy? Seriously I'm busying recovering from sick. I'm so sick of my myself, never stop falling sick, like twice a month? I don't even feel I'm fully recover for once. Big sigh. When I'm sick, I sleep. When I sleep, I stop talking and doing my works. Then I will start to think why my life is so miserable. T_____T Btw I'm OK now, still with a bit of flu and cough.

#4 The most happier moment of the month was when I met Leng Yein at Auto City during Mean Machine event! Awwwwwww Can't stop gasping after met her. Happy max because I like her so much and she is so friendly! Btw the day after I met her I sick again due to lame antibiotic system.

#5 However, I still have some happy moment when the bf were coming back to Penang. He cooked for me, make sure I got a healthy life style excluding exercise.  Seriously human need healthier foods and I'm so afraid of being sick again.  I tried to gain weight but end up I sick and I lose more weight again.
Anyway, new discovery milk tea @ Queensbay! They got another outlet at Sunway Carnival Mall too!  Recommended, must try because it's the best milk tea so far for me.  Try their caramel milk tea because you can hardly find it at other place.
Have lots of beauty sample packs with me, gonna try all of them and share it over here! Stay tuned, I will be back!

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