Nov 19, 2011

Birthday Party

It happened before all the assignments and exams haul. 
There are some birthday celebrations in October but I only went for few cause I got no enough time. 

Btw, it was Jingle's 21st birthday party!

She threw a party at Flamingo Hotel with the cutest theme ever! 
Everyone have to dress like a sleeping beauty, indeed it was a sleeping wear party!
Girls will have to wear pajamas and guys wear any red top.
Hell ya, it was so fun and I started to miss the feeling of partying. 

I have chosen to wear a very simple outfit, Smurf tee with short pants. 
Tadaa~ Tee from Bosini and pants from FOS. 

I started to fall in love with yellow colour recently. 
I want my stuffs everything in yellow, very bright yellow. I got no idea where the addiction come from.
But yellow is pretty, and sexy! 

The party is full of cutest stuffs, balloons, cakes, biscuits, macarons. Yes, we got macarons to eat!
OH! Popcorn is a must for party!

Everyone crazy for cam whore on that night! Even until the bfie's camera flash was out of battery. Ops
Jingle decorate the room way too much pretty and dreamy! So love! 
Share few of the pictures here, the rest are all at Facebook. 

Love the effect from camera! Taken by bfie. Nais or not? Heh

With the giant hello kitty! 

Thanks to the bfie who coming back to Penang and attend the party together with me. =D

Hello kitty popcakes! Super cute and yummy licious!

 Birthday girl! =D

A very great party with great people! Girls and boys!

Btw it was a super late post. Been missing blogspot so much when stress with assignments.
Gonna have another assignment pass up on next week and exam was another week after that. OMZG
I hope I could have enough time for all that preparation.
Wanna score good good this time. God bless no bias this time. Finger crossed.

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