Jan 12, 2012

2011 Christmas @ Kay Elle

Hello everyone, gonna finish my Christmas post before Chinese New Year hit the door step. 
Super looking forward for the coming CNY cause I bought lots of clothes. Opss
Btw I spent my Christmas at Kay Elle last year, count down at Genting Highlands. It was awesome to spent the important day with the ones I loved. Awesome I gonna plan again for this year!

#2 Went to IKEA for the first time, super excited keep telling bf I want this and that for our future house. These doggies were cute! 

#3 Tried IKEA foods for the first time too. It makes me think of the day when I laid in the hospital. I seriously don't understand why people saying IKEA foods are awesome? Mine pasta better than this a lot!

#4 Meatballs. I doesn't take beef so the bf ordered them. I guess this was their signature food, but bf said the meatballs way out of juicy.

#5 Salmon served with two giant big potatoes. The veggie didn't cooked well and the salmon doesn't taste nice pun. I'm wondering and doubting why people calling them yummeh? #Don'tunderstandface

#6 Went to Ikano, bought some yummeh for Casey boy, the pet shop was huge! Everything were inside! Make me go wow wow wow because I found lots of salmon foods for Casey. 
Still remember the promise, I will spend every Christmas with you. =)

#7 Not to forget Snowflakes! Super huge bowl. *Burp
Maybe I got too high expectation toward this and end up it become under my expectation. Somehow the taro balls and grass jelly are yummy! 

#8 Then we went to Genting on the next day, super hazy weather during Christmas. We can only stay indoor, walk and shop. 

#9 Took a lot of photos over there. Love Christmas decorations.

#10 The must have bak kut teh in Genting. Slurpyummy

#11 Another one, BR ice cream! 

#12 Spending half day in casino. After two rounds rest at CBTL. Super cold at night and it's awesome to get some hot drinks. 

#13 With Sasa babe. I still too young for casino. Haha security checked my IC whenever I wanna go in. Zzz 
Annoyed but happy cause I'm young! #Evillaugh

We went back from Genting on that night. Kinda scary cause super big haze and super low visibility. 
#13 Woke up little late on the next day and tried on Kay Elle public transport-KTM. So squeezy packing like Tuna cane fishes. Star better with Final Destination feel. Hah

Only went to Times Square and KLCC that day and I was super tired walking in Times Square. #Kakipatah
Somehow KLCC was fun, too much to shop. Spending like 2 hours in Sephora, amazing! If Penang have Sephora I wouldn't go to Sasa anymore. 
Seriously only take like 2 pictures on that day because of tiredness due to shopping. Take in Central some more. Wtf

#14 The next day, we went to KLCC again because there's some unclear in wishlist. Took KTM and Star again. Been questioning lots of question during these two days. Guys pissed. Haha

#15 KLCC Aquaria to meet those fishes and my favorable seahorses. They were adorable!  

#16 Met some giant fishes over here.

#17 Did some shopping after Aquaria and also try on Godiva! Super nais! Want more and more! We make everything so efficient on that day, girls go shopping while guys go and line up for popcorn.

#18 Then we went to i-City at night, meet up with my mummy, sister and brother. Having lots of fun inside the snow world.

#19 Super freezing inside but die kao kao also have to enjoy kao kao.

#20 Super freezing till I don't even realize my finger cut by the ices. Whoop 

#21 Super pretty outdoor. Super bling and the bf said he see till mong cha cha.

 #22 Ride on merry-go-round. 

#23 The only group photo.

#24 Went back pretty late and the next day we gonna back. Went to 1U for bus ticket but all full. We have no choice but to stay back for another 2 days, total up 7 days in Kay Elle.

No point for getting bus ticket at Pudu cause the bf said he will fetch us back after two days. So yey! Now senang senang and enjoy again!
#25 The bf bring us to Pasta Zanmai where the yummy pasta from. This was the best pasta ever! The soup can make me fly. #Salivadrooooolll

#26 Sasa's pasta, this was nice too!

#27 Some Unagi with rice, this is nice as well!

#28 Some chicken with rice and eggs. Super nice! 

#29 Tried gongcha. Super nice wei. Somehow please order less sugar because it's kinda sweet.

#30 Curry fish bihun. This was licking finger awesome! I missed this!

 #31 A day before we came back, shop a little at Sunway Pyramid. Nothing much to buy because they closed shops pretty early. 

Long post with 31 pictures attached. Hope you guys enjoy reading and happy sharing! 
Happy Chinese New Year everyone! xoxo

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