Jan 5, 2012

Happy 2012

2012 was a very familiar number that I often seen on 2011 because everyone keep on saying everyone will die on 2012, the end of the world.
However, I don't believe cause life is always awesome, ending is only for movies.

Btw now it's 2012 and I'm still me, myself. Nothing change much.
Wishing for a better year everytime during year ending. The fact of reality, nothing gonna change lah. 
Started to accept the fact that turning of 2011 to 2012 is just like today become yesterday on tomorrow. 
I used to do new year resolution every year at my blog, macam telling everyone what I want. Hah
Now not gonna do resolution lah, resolution never come true because if you know your dream gonna come true then you won't make a resolution. Right? 
Last time everyone do so I do also. Kia su so lame. 

Somehow I still wanna wish for a better year because 2011 sucks like hell.
Lots of happening during 2011 that made me so regret, nothing really good happen. Somehow, those happening taught me to learn, learn through everything that happened around me.
I always have my own thinking that the world is never being fair or easy. You have to work damn hard to get something you want. If you are not born to be earn that shit, don't even touch it, it will ruin you up! At the end you will cry endlessly in the night.

Gonna turn into 22 this year and I hope I seriously can grow up, dai gan sek yan. Hey this is not resolution ok because it's unpredictable and so hard to achieve. Die kao kao also must graduate on time, this is so so so important for me and also eat more apples and fruits to prevent sickness. 

That's all for the first post in 2012, got tons of pictures waiting to be uploaded in FB and to be blogged. Meh I'm so lazy. 

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