May 21, 2011

Quick Update

This month is the most unhappy month for me. =(
Bad things happen all the time. 
Feel really suay! 

By right I should have done at least 80% of my assignments now.
And I am just started. 
I am totally lost and have 0 idea on how to persuade my degree.
So I gonna strike them off after this post. 

Laptop broken down at this critical moment and this was so awkward!
I got no idea how am I gonna do assignment next week. =(
So bad.

Went for hair cut on last week.

Never cut so much hair in my life before.
Not that I hate my hair or what.

I just feel like wanna to do something on my hair.
Cut cut the bad things, grow grow the good one. =D

Actually I got a lot of topics to blog and a lot of pictures to share.
And I just have no time for them. 

So a quick update and will be back soon. 

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