Aug 1, 2011

Belated Birthday w/f WK

I have tried to blog many times last week but failed because I got nothing to blog about. LOL
Melting weather are driving me nuts! So hawt!
Anyway Imma gonna blog about Wei Keat's belated birthday now.

#2. I was so happy because the bf back from KL on that day.
He purposely finished his jobs early and came to meet me.

#3 Loved this picha very much. Edited with Mei Tu Xiu Xiu and More Beaute2

#4 Celebrating Wei Keat (the bery chi ko face) birthday at Chicago Rib House.

#5 See his tiring face.

#6 Me, with my Robito. Gonna throw it away soon because white stuffs get dirty easily and aging more faster than other colours. FIL

#7 Some dishes of the day. Services were good and foods were not bad.
Set lunch that came together with mushroom soup. This was nice!

#8 Pork Ribs with fries and salads. This was nice too! Recommended dish!

#9 Seafood pasta. This was not recommended. I cooked better than this. LOL
The garlic breads was too hard, and the linguine length were so short, made me feel like eating char bee hoon.
And also all the seafoods were too salty. XXX

#10 You gonna see lots of cam whore picha after the foods.
Sonia Chan and bf, Wei Keat birthday boy.

#11 Theing and me.

#12 Specs are loves! With Jingle!

#13 With the girls! 
Left: YY Ching Mag ME Jingle.

#14 With Mag babe!

#15 With YY. =D

#16 Cam whore with the birthday boy.

#17 Left: Jingle Sukyi Theing.

#18 With the bf and Mag babe.

#19 Love this picha, taken by YY. Thank you~

#20 $$ to pay the bills. LOL

#21 Haha Theing so funny!

#22 With Teresa Sasa babe.

#23 Left ME Sasa YY Jingle

#24 Cake time after lunch and cam whore. Somehow cam whore was like continuous never stop. LOL

#25 Happy ever couple.

#26 Cake from Bread History.

#27 Guys. Left: Boon, my bfie, Prof and the birthday boy.

#28 Group picha. Thanks to Chicago's staff for the help. We cam whore like that was our place, walking here and there even shouting. LOL

#29 When the cake taken out the birthday boy was like WTF whose birthday why nobody inform me. Surprise!!

#30 Standing far away from the cake to prevent revenge from everyone. He was a devil who like to push birthday people face to kiss the cakes. That's the karma. LOL

#31 The epic one. Hahahahaha

#32 Last but not least, cam whore pic in toilet.

#33 Happy belated birthday Chi Ko Keat. 祝你年年有今日,岁岁有今朝。

The end. Thanks for reading.  Bye

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