Aug 19, 2011


It's been ages I never open my blog. 
Everything look so down. Tsk tsk

Btw I was craved for some yummieh recently, so irresistible that help me to gain weight.
Yea, I ate a lot recently and finally I gained 2kg! Yipee
So I wanna to share make-me-gain-weight-foods over here and of course they are yummy!
I get grumbled when I pay for lousy foods.

#1 Macarons, from fourseason bakery Strait Quay.
Way too expensive, can't afford to have it everyday, but still irresistible.
These were better than Ritz bakery, I was comparing lah. No offense. 

#2 I love the pink one the most! So yummylicious like how can they put so much effort in this little one? Touched! Chocolate also bery nice! 
Bf always buy macarons for me when I am not happy. Heart heart. 

#3 Twiggies! Something I usually craved for. So miss.
This is kinda hard to find sometimes, make me so sad when I go to few bakery or 7-11 and I still cannot find it. This is so good! But no no for the chocolate flavor.

#4 P U L P Y!!! Best orange juice ever! Why don't every restaurant just use this in their menus rather then giving customer tasteless orange colour juice? Then charge for RM10++ What for?!! Grumble

#5 Went to Rain Forest that day to get some scones but unfortunately they were sold out. 
Sad bit then they introduced me this crunchy biscuitti. So nice weih!
Oh that was the book I read few weeks ago. Nice book!

#6 This was the new discovery, from Bikkuri Station! Super nais!

#7 Coming up next were those you can't get from anywhere else. Muahahahaha
Because they were all made from my bf!
Cheese baked pasta! Can't get it from anywhere, with whole lot of cheeseeeeeee! Yummy!

#8 Mozzarella cheese! Love!

#9 Then some other day, he made toasted bread for me.

#10 Two pieces can make me full!

#11 This is one of the way to gain weight! Mayonnaise and cheese!

#12 Must serve them hot to reach the yummylicious level. Ohyea

#13 Okay last, nais? Sorry are you just drool on your keyboard? Haha

Time for lunch! Enjoy.
Bye chao!

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