Aug 31, 2011

Mouth Watering Desserts!

People who know me well knew that I love desserts so much! 
Ice creams, cakes, I believed glucose or sugars can cheer me up!
I can't survive without desserts.
They are fattening but who cares, I need more fats! 

Gonna share few dessert shops that I crave for nowadays.
This blog post gonna make me dessert-sick!

Bikkuri Station, newly open at my hometown! Super love!
#1 Mouth watering! Their boss was super nice and friendly!

#2 Super love the QQ balls and the Ai Yu topping. The soya bean and wintermelon ice were nais!!
Super love! One for RM5.80 if not mistaken.

#3 They also have a very simple and nice environment to dine in.

#4 Another favourable place for dessert lover-Tong Pak Fu!
Super nais fruit desserts, located at Raja Uda but they gonna open in Pulau Tikus soon! RANGGG

#5 Addiction.

#6 Was there few weeks ago with the classmates. We still hang out although it's holidays!
Here are Theing and Smaller Xiao Zhi.

#7 Teresa babe. Looking at her top make me wanna go shop at Hatyai again.

#8 Been here for few times d, love their honeydew desserts the most!

#9 Ordered this to try but I don't really like the mixture of coconut. However it still nice!

#10 This was another type of honeydew but I preferred the orange colour one.

#11 Honeydew with ice cream. There were only 3 choices for the ice cream. Not happy.
The coconut mix with mango dessert was kinda nice. Weird mixing but nice outcome!

#12 Lastly, sweet sweet picha matching with the post tittle!

Gonna blog hard hard during Raya holidays! Stay tuned!

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