Dec 19, 2009

Review on 2009

So soon will be Christmas, after that will be the end of 2009.
I would like to say, this year was really a memorable year to me.
I had done lots of things and lost lots of things in this year. :(
Anyway, lets get into the story.
Do not get shock by my pictures. :P

This is me at the beginning of 2009. Argh... Hair damn short.

My new family member~

In 2009, there were lots of my first time too.

My first time to aquarium.

My very first job in 2009.

1st time to national park.

1st time to Bon Odori.

1st time to ghost house.

This ghost house was having renovation recently.
I wonder what people wanna do with it.

First time to the lantern festival.

Sweet memory at beach.

Fish Leong.

War museum.

Botanic garden with my classmates.

Hiking with them.

K session.
Went to Theing's house after sem break.
Shop for prom.

Prom night.

Birthday celebration.


Suk Yi.



My hubby.

My friend's wedding.

Hard rock.

Genting trip with my hubby.

Say bye to my braces.

The December one.

A short post anyway. *Hehe
So much things I had done in 2009. :)
Appreciated what I get and learned in this year.

Goodbye 2009 and look forward to 2010. :P

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