Dec 17, 2009

National Park

Friday we could not get into the canopy walk, and we came back on Sunday just because of it.
Actually national park was quite a nice place to go.
Next time wanna try to go monkey beach.

Anyway, that day was super duper hot. ><
Sweating like nobody business over there.

We walked for around 500m after paid for the ticket fees.
My hubby's shoes was spoiled while almost arriving the canopy. :(

There were many people went there for canopy walk.
Some of them even came with bus, like a big gang. =.=
Some of them were families.

Here are the pictures taken in national park.
They were doing some yoga exercise? Guess so. :P

Luckily there was no mosquitoes. :)

I love this view~

This was actually the skinny giant spider.

That's all for today post. :)
I am lazy to taip. :P

Anyway, stay tuned.

Jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way~~

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