Dec 22, 2009


Yesterday went out with my dear and we watched AVATAR.
A very nice movie to watch,
I liked Pandora forest. It is so colorful.
Damn the sky people. They were stupid. :P
Two and the half for the movie.
Thumbs up up~~

I had a hair cut few days ago.
Hmm... My hair had became shorter a bit. >< size="1">*I wonder why...

This year gonna celebrate till kao kao~ :P
Hope everything will go on smoothly.
Today also the Chinese reunion day. Must eat tang yuan at today.
Stay with family and congrats for getting older again. :(

Next Monday gonna take the result d.
Gosh... Micro and Law please give me a pass...
*Praying hard.

For certain reason, I have to go Genting again.
Maybe next week?
Hopes everything will go on smoothly.

*Gonna shoot the bitchy sissy soon.

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