Dec 12, 2009

Genting Trip

Currently having renovation over here.
Still waiting for the renovator for helping me deco the blog.
I removed the chat box for few days.
Will be placed back after the renovation.

Went to Genting after Pc fair at last day.
Was very tired and my face was as pale as a ghost after arrived Genting at 5a.m.
Went for steamboat as our early breakfast with Ah Ho and Vivi.
Ah Ho drove all of us. Winks~

After steamboat we went back to First World and settle our hotel check-in.
Unfortunately we have to wait till 3p.m. for registering.
So, without wasting any time, we went to purchase the theme park tickets.
Here goes for the pictures taken in the theme park.

See, my face was so pale!!!

We ride the antique car first.
*I love this photo very much.

Gigi and Xin Hui.

No doubt, I was banging them due to no brek. ><
This train was like the kindergarten train.

Captured by my hubby.

After that, we went back lobby for checking.
Kenny Roger for lunch.
Around 5 something, we came back to the theme park again.
There was raining and the fox were really thick.

This was the teddy bear we got in the games.
Kinda bad luck on that day.

The old version public telephone.

After that, Beryl,s Chocolate Wonderland.

Due to raining, we went for spinner and double deck carousel.
Double deck carousel are for photograph purpose. Ahah~

After that we continue to have some childhood games.

The seat belt.

Before we leave the theme park, photograph again. :)

Night, after dinner we continue to play at indoor.
Childhood games as nothing much to play inside.

After that, starbucks for supper.

The next day. woke up early in the morning for breakfast.
Marry brown for breakfast and burger king for Gigi.
He was craving for burger king.
After that we went for walk and took photos due to many shops haven't open yet.

Captured this while waiting my hubby came out from toilet.

After that we went to play this.


For more photos, please refer to Facebook. :)

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