Oct 22, 2009

Red Box+Hiking

Hi people, the blog has been left death for few days due to my laziness. XD
It is nearly the end of the semester and I was busying with my assignment recently.
After the assignment will be the final d. Omg.
Kinda pressure for the law assignment.
I just hated business law. It was f* tough.

Tuesday went to redbox with my classmates.
It is been months I did not step in there.
Moody down on that day, sorry ya. >.<
Yet, we still have fun. :) *The main things.
So, just let the pictures do the story part.

*Click to enlarge.

Wei Keat Facebook-ing.


Spot the mics.

Woke up early in the morning and went to Botanic Garden for hiking.
Actually it should be say jogging.
Chit chating while walking and snapping. :P

See, little boy~

I got no sweating at all on that morning.
I still wondering how come...
After the hiking we went for breakfast. :)
I was damn hungry as did not took breakfast before hiking...

Anyway, gonna busy with my assignment again.
Argh... I am gonna to finish you in this week!

There was a misunderstanding
causes a stupid rumor and yet she still thinking she is right
If you are the most pity one, then we are shit like nobody business.

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