Oct 14, 2009

Penang Hill

Woke up at 6 a.m. in the morning.
Prepared the breakfast and headed out at 7 something.
Bing Yi came to fetch me and my hubby.
After that Xiao Ying, Kheng Yong and Suk Yi.
We arrived Penang Hill at around 9 o'clock.
We were a bit hyperactive when saw the cable car.

Looked 'sampat' as did not try the cable car before. =.=
While buying tickets.

After that we waiting for the cable car to come down.

Went into the cable car.

Bing Yi~

While waiting for another cable car in the first station, we saw this.
It is huge! Disgusting too. :(
Arrived the mountain top after 15 minutes.
It is so high and feel like we were not in Penang.

The mountain there got police station, post office etc.
Few residents are stay over there.
Their house was really luxury, similar to Austalian style.
Omg... I wanna that kind of house.
Everyday wake up in the morning in the fox, and yet, no need air conditional.
I am so so so envy. *Red eyes.

Inside here got a restaurant.
Suk Yi said inside there got a super nice view to see.
Unfortunately, the restaurant people does allow us to go in.

The playground.

See the mist. *We were in heaven.

The India temple at the top of the mountain.
The temple design was in green, Suk Yi very liked it. xD

5 of us.

Me and my hubby.

Silly Bing Yi.

The rain came after the mist. Argh...
We ran to the nearby mamak and have breakfast over there.
Raining heavy and we have to wait for the rain to stop.

After the rain stopped, we decided to rent bicycle over there.
RM5 per hour for one person.
It is so so so expensive. =.=
Some more the bicycles condition all were not in good.
Some of the break were not functioning well.
Anyway, the first time, and the last time.
So we tried, cycling on the top of the mountain.
Feel good. :P

We stopped for snapping. :)

See, the view from the top mountain.
Wow, I can even see my hometown mountain.

Me and my hubby.

Kheng Yong and Xiao Ying.
Suk Yi and Bing Yi.

Here were the two new friends who help us to take photos. :)

This is what we call lao gao.

The tree.

I liked this kind of post box.

The hibiscus over there.
Look so nice and beautiful, not like the town area one.

Finally we get back on 12.15p.m.
Caught the cable car on time and went down.

The tickets~
Bing Yi created a lot of funny funny sound in the cable car.
All the people were keep on looking at us. >.< style="font-style: italic;"> siao kia from their perspective. XD

Lastly, Xiao Ying made the paper ship by the toy museum flyer. =.=


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