Oct 19, 2009

Jingle's 19th Birthday

Celebrating Jingle's birthday on Thursday.
We were actually planning for a surprise for her.
However, end up as the birthday girl's boyfriend feeling not well.
Went to Batu Feringgi there, somewhere nearby sunset bistro.
Anyway, not much picha over here as everyone was busying on the seafood.

The crab, :)

Gals of the day.

Lastly, only left the boys eating the crab as all of us full d.

Actually the services over there was kinda bad.
The uncle were urging us to finish the dinner by closing the shop.
The service was bad, yet costly. :(

After that we went to sunset for 2nd round.
The birthday girl with her boyfriend.

Jessica and Wei Keat.

Me and my hubby.

The girls.

The guys.

The tiramisu for Jingle. :)

After that there was a man came by and offer the shisha for the birthday girl.
Grape taste for the shisha.

Terry Thor.

Ah Xiang.


Suk Yi.

Picha of girls. :P


Happy birthday to Jingle Bell. xD

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