Jul 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Fionnie!

#1 Let me have a blog post before heading to bed. 

It was Fionnie's birthday party that held on 16th July @ Little Cottage.
She has been told me about the birthday party before she went to Aus. So cannot ppk, must go! =D


#2 Arrived the venue and wait for others to arrive. =P 
Very thank you to the bf for accompany me. LOL Actually I bring my bf along whenever I go, cannot without him. Imma his baby girl. *Winks

#3 Bery love the environment over there.

#4 Of course, foods were good too!! Nice foods nice environment nice people. =D

#5 Low quality picture. Haha but still wanna post up. =P
With Ah Ching, my bao zhu po. =D

#6 Group photos after the nom nom section, mad paiseh I asked my bf to use my iPhone to take the photos and everyone else use DSLR. *dig hole.
I realized I didn't put my camera into my handbag whenever go out since I got iPhone. 
Jerk, iPhone got too much awesome apps that will make your pictures super cute and super sui!
Refer to the previous post, then you will know how much I love them.

#7 With Mag and Ah Ching. Mag was Disted rapunzel who have super long hair. I got no courage to keep until that length because I hate wash hair and blow hair. Took 30 minutes everyday. *Grump

#8 Spot I was taller than Mag! Haha! Never been so tall in my life. Wtf
I was actually wearing heels, very tall that kind. First time ever and luckily it doesn't kill me or make my face tap on the floor. 

That day I was away from home and I put the super high heels beside my bed. My mom saw it and she was angry. At first I thought she was mad because I spent money on shoes again. Manatau, she was worry about my backbone issues after I told her I bought the shoes at discount price. Heels kill backbone, yea it's true.
Ya lah I knew it but I very like the heels+it was at burning price+last pair, so why not? Slap
Still feeling very happy because I feel the love from mom! Haha

#9 They served wine after the group photos. I don't even finish it because I seldom take alcohol, plus I'm the wrong person for red wine. Fml

#10 Another picture with Mag.

#11 Last but not least, happy birthday babe! Study hard hard in Aus and will see you again in November! Love

#12 Another last one, with the important one in my life. =D
Sorry for spending so much! Zhao!

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