Jun 25, 2011

Dinner at Swensen

Some quick and short post. =D

My mom bought some vouchers from Swensen few months ago I guess.
The buy 1 free 1 main course vouchers.

So at a night 4 of us, my brothers and sister went to Swensen to spend the vouchers.
I still have a lot of them.

#1 Max 2 coupons per table. 
Oh and there are some coupons like FREE for selected foods in the menu.
But that one only allow one per table.

#2 The green thing ordered by my sister and the orange juice was mine. 
Nothing special for the drinks.

#3 Some cam whore picture before the foods. 
Put it in medium size cause iPhone front camera sucks. LOL

#4 Here come the foods. 
Clam Chowder. Some mushrooms soup with bread. 
The bread was awesome when ate together with the soup. 

#5 Then the Salmon Cabonara thing.
Seriously I hate white sauce pasta but there were limited choices on the menu, so...
However, the pasta has nothing special except with salmons.
One thing to comment was I can't even eat properly with fork!
I think they crumble the spaghetti because the length of the spaghetti was unusually short.

#6 Next coming up, the lamb chop.
I don't really interested in lamb, and this ordered by my bro.

#7 Then chicken chop.
The chicken was kinda appetizing, not bad.
Just they should served it hot instead of warm.

#8 Cheese Baked Rice.
This was the horrible cheese baked rice I had ever try.
So OMG the rice doesn't mix well with the cheese.
Ruined the whole dish. 
* Apologize for my straight forward. =D

#9 A picture with Casey. =D

As mentioned, short post. 
Gtg to continue my revision.
Final exam on next week, after that I will have plenty of time to update my blog!
Wait for me peeps!

Good night. <3

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