Jun 1, 2011

Ching's Birthday

Another super late post. ><
Li Ching's birthday celebration @ Blue Reef. 

We went to Theing's house which located at 17 level to meet up before Blue Reef.
The following picture was taken together with Theing's sound from 17 level.
Yea, she got super loud speaker. =.=

A little bit touch up before departure. 
This picture looked so natural and nice!

We planned to go Delicious at first. 
It was 5 something and the restaurant was fully booked with only one table of customers inside. WTF
When we asked why fully booked but empty inside?
They just answered all reserved by people d. WTF
Then Sasa saw only one table with reserved word. WTH

LC, so what, we go Blue Reef! H'ng!

Girls and boys. 
Never noticed girls sat at one roll and boys at another roll until someone mentioned in FB. =P
This looked like school gathering!

Pictures time! 
We have our dinner pretty early that day!
Like super healthy. =P

Sasa and Jingle from the left.

Jingle (left) and Mag (right)

Theing (left) and Smaller (right)

The Blue Reef yummeh.

Everyone ordered almost the same thing.
We got no idea what to eat. LOL (happen everytime when hungry)
The most happening dish in Blue Reef.
Fish and Chips with don't know what fish d. *Forgot

Overall the foods were OK OK.
People kept on telling me how heaven are Blue Reef.
I have high expectation towards their foods.
So their foods ended with below expectation rate. =.=

Don't blame, the fish and chips doesn't worth the pennies!

Chilled at Sega after dinner.
Then gamble ghosts started to starve and they take part time to earn money.
See the sampah president's face.
This is how gamble ghost looked like. =.=

All pictures were taken from Teresa and Jingle's FB.
Here are some of them. 
More on FB. =D

Again, Happy Birthday Ching and wish you all the best!

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