Jun 16, 2011

21st Cont.

There is another hectic day after 02062011.
Slept over time cause very tired. ><

Heading to Auto City for car show together with my friends.
 #1 Bumped into Jingle and Theing over there. =D
Top from Top Shop, present from the DBS gang. Love~

Planned to go for movie after that but all the cinema fully booked. 
No chance, even on my birthday.

Then the bfie said want to go HD.
I lazy to go out after shower and make up bla bla bla...

Somehow he insisted must go out. 
Then go lor, to Queensbay. =.=

#2 He treated me my favourite chocolate fondue!
Love love love~

 It was a very simple birthday celebration with him.
Although it was differ from what I expect but I am so grateful to have him beside me during my birthday.
It is just more than enough.

I appreciates for what you have done for me.
It is good to have you. <3

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