Jun 16, 2011


Gonna blog about my birthday now!
Officially finished the loads of assignments. *Relaxing face

I gonna post tons of pictures in this post.
Some of them are from Jingle, Teresa and Theing's cameras.

Having a very great dinner with a bunch of my friends on 02062011.
#1We went to Annabell because they said the restaurant got similar style like me. =P  

#2 The DBS gang! <3

#3 The sweet couple, Daniel and Kittiya.
TQ for coming Daniel. =D

#4 Another sweet couple, Vince and Pook.
Thanks for your coming too Vince. =D

#5 Snach snach with Jingle babe. 

#6 With Teresa babe. <3

#7 Having some really nice foods over there. 
Creme Brulee. <3
I love desserts!

Everything like going so fast.
They took out my cake before I finish my dessert. =.=
I was like OMG, two desserts at the same time?
Let me finish this one first can or not?
Then they said nvm one, put that aside first. lmao.

#8 Birthday cake from Jeny's Cake House. 
Yum yum, everyone loves it!

#9 Happy ever after face. =P

#10 Also thanks the boyfie for coming back!

#11 Then photo taking session. LOL
Was so busy taking photos here and there and basically I finished two desserts at the same time. =.=
Anyway, Creme Brulee and the cake were nice so Imma very happy! =D
Worth for the pennies!

#12 The girls! <3

#13 The Siam Po in our gang!

After the dinner everyone decided to go for second round.
#14 We went to Over Time @ Gurney.
First time been there. =D

#15 Beer time! XD
 Also have to thanks Jingle's brother for the birthday song!
Have a nice night over there.

 #15 With Bing Yi (left), KCC, Rowan and Sampah Boon (right).

#16, noob Rowan picture!

#17 Daniel left early after dinner at Annabell and he came back for the second round after that!
Touch touch! 

#18 And also my babe boy! 

We left after first round of beers. 
Time still early, the night is still young.
So they wanna go for third round. =.=
Suggested Redbox at first but majority don't want to go so we moved to Bed.
Then everyone was going. =P

#19 Bumped into the new married couple at BED.
Penang Island is so small!! XD

#20 Sampah Boon's tipsy face! 

#21 They finished 4 tours of beer that night.
And there were only less than half group people drinking!

 #22 With Jingle! Princessyyy~

#23 It was Xiao Zhi's birthday when the clock struck12am!
His birthday just a day before me!! =D
Happy belated 21st birthday Smaller!!

#24 The birthday birds! =D

#25 Lastly, the group pictures! 
Must must whenever we hang out! =D

*Spot Sampah Boon's tipsy face!

Have a great night with them.
Feel so lucky to meet them in my diploma.
They bought fun and make my college life wonderful!

Thanks a lot my DBS gang! <3 mak mak!

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