Feb 8, 2010

Sunday Spent W/f The Family

Yesterday had accompanied my family to have dinner at Penalti.
It was the annual dinner organized by my mum's company.
It was a kampung place but yet the place look kinda nice.
I forgot the name of the restaurant but remember the kampung name-Kg. Petei.

A group of Chinese people having buffet in the Malay society.
Looked weird and sound weird. =.=
The place was liked a holiday village.
But somehow many Malays came here for dinner. O.o
I think maybe this place was quite famous among their society.

However, the buffet was just so so only.
Their grilled mutton was not good at all. :(
Their chicken satay were damn damn nice. Thumbs up~
After the buffet those aunties and uncles went to the small cottage and having karaoke session.
Lolx... A Malay place with Chinese songs?
Spotted shisha over there too.
Feel wanna try but worry that it might spoilt my image. Ahah...
So just forget about it.

8/2 Monday

Headed to Gurney after class.
Bought the valentine present for hubby.
I hope he will like it. :)
*Thanks Jingle for the suggestion.

I was facing some problem with my backbone recently.
I used to face it few years ago and now it came back again.
Holly shit!!!
New Year is just around the corner and my backbone start blinking red.
Have to get the treatment as fast as I can. T___T
Or else my shoulder will be one up and one down, unbalance.

This week will be the last week of this semester.
Have to start my revision as soon as possible.
This semester the subjects were tough and yet rush.
Study hard and rainbow my results slip. Winks~

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