Feb 15, 2010

Chor 1

2010 CNY was a bit boring... ><
I still woke up late as usual.
After dressed up myself, headed to my relatives place.
People are gambling everywhere and I do not have the intention to gamble.
Kinda sad because I am not so lucky when I gambling. Hah...

The weather was freaking hot!!!
I still feel hot even I on my fan and air conditioner.
Steamboat, biscuits and bbq kept on coming.
Hot in the hot day. :(
Must drink lots of water during CNY. :)

I skipped my valentine celebration this year. Duh...
Nevermind, since I already got the present from my hubby. :P
Ohya, little Casey also got his very first ang pau on Chor 1.

This was funny.
He was actually trying to protect his ang pau from being steal by people.
His favorite was inside the red pack.

Open his ang pau.

We have laughed till our ass off while seeing how he took the ang pau.
Anyway, just for entertainment. Haha~~

Wednesday are going to my secondary school reunion party. Hiak~~
Can't wait to see them all.
But so sad that some of them could not make it on the day.

Final are coming and I got to go for revision d.

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