Feb 27, 2010


Hello people, I am back again. :)
Finally the exam had over.
Hope will get a good result on PM and macro.
I still have lots of stuffs to complete in my to-do-list.
Yesterday should be completed them, but obstacles are always came when I do not need them.

So fast Chinese New Year will be left one more day. :(
Sad, time flies in a fast speed.
Anyway, good news too cause anniversary are coming. Hiak hiak~
I just can't wait for the day. :P

Chor 6, went to Kek Lok Si with my hubby.
I always wonder why chinese people have to go Kek Lok Si temple on CNY?
Why why why?
I do not really like to go there as crowded.
Cars and peoples jaming all the way.
Luckily we manage to get ourselves a parking.
Many people are with DSLR now! Even my hubby.
However, I still prefer my pinky digital camera.
DSLR needs lots of investment and NGsssss~

I loved blings~

I was like "huh?" when the people asking us to pay RM2 per person to the pagora area which full of flowers. =.=
I thought we only need to pay for the cable car.

The guan yin.

Having laksa as our supper before went back.
Traffic jam everywhere. =.=
Even in cinema!!! I hated that, I got no movie to watch because of the traffic jam.
Anyway, short post for today.

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