Feb 13, 2010

A Day Before CNY

Hello people, I am back again.
Last week of the 6th semester.
Time flies and I still could not accept that it is CNY after 1 more hour. =.=
CNY is coming too fast.
This year CNY was attacking by global warning.
Damn hot lah wei...
I keep on sweating while helping my mum to prepare this and that.
How could the weather be so hot hot?

Valentine and CNY are fall on the same day.
No choice I got to skip my valentine celebration. Hiak...
Anyway, gotta my valentine present from hubby. Muacks.
Got the flight of fancy from him.

That day passed by a shop and I saw kitty sweets over there.
Thanks hubby for the sweets.

Bought a lot of stuffs on this week too.
Bought shoes, pants, bla bla bla....
But girls are greedy, I still feel that I am lack of something. ><
Girls will never get bored of shoes and clothes.

Casey is getting excited outside. Lolx...
He is busying running here and there, like trying to help us?

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone.
Gong hei fatt choi and happy valentine.
Hope every couple sweet sweet and love love.
Last but not least, HUAT ar~~~

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