Feb 23, 2010


Guys, please think twice before you marry a girl.
I got a friend who just married.
The husband keep on entertaining his friends, relatives and so on.
But he ignored the wife who waited him everyday at home.

He blamed his wife for being not good enough.
He still acted like a single and even made his wife lose face in front of his own family.
The husband family did not like the wife.
If a guy do not like a girl, please, think twice.
Marriage is not just a responsible, is the future of a family.
If a guy take a responsible as a father but not a husband, he is not a man.

If a family do not like the daughter-in-law, please do not agree with the marriage.
It will just bring more trouble for the future.
It is so contradict that you marriage a girl to be your wife but you did not treat her as your wife.
Yeah, the husband did hurt the wife.

But what could a wife do when she was marriage to a dislike-her-family.
She have to bear everything that she had done.
She do not even have a moaning partner.

Husband play multiple character in the life.
It is just-so-happened. Guys should be able to play all and maybe more of them.
Husband should be a never-say-no driver,
a successful employee or employer,
a loving heart father,
a truly husband,
a filial son,
a good son-in-law,
a good brother,
a father and a mother,
an ATM,
a partner that could share every single things,
a sympathetic man.

Husbands should bliss their wife.
Marry a girl are not just about responsibility.
For me, it is about the couple's future till the end of their life.
If you think your girl friend are not good enough, do not propose.
Don't regret after married and start fighting and divorce.
No marry no divorce.

Ladies and gentlemen, think twice before you say I DO.

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