Feb 6, 2010

1st Week of February

Hey people, I am back again.
A busy week passed again.
I wonder why I always felt so so so tired and sleepy everyday. =.=
Assignment done and here came the test.
The test done and here come the final exam. Gosh...

==1st February==
Lecturer had dismissed the class one hour early than usual.
End up we got 4 hours break.
Headed to Kim Gary with Jingle and Bing Yi.
Most of the time only 3 of us hang out during break time. How sad...

Promoting the menu? O.o

Pinky and his lunch set.

After lunch we caught Tiger Woohoo at GSC.

The movie was quite funny but the story line were just so so.
How I wishes could watch tooth fairy again.
That movie are more funnier.

Having a heavy jam while on the way back. :(
Greenlane are always jam and jam and jam. Urgh...
I tried to go by other way but it still full of cars.
However, it is good that we still manage to go for steamboat with hubby's friends. Phew~
Thanks to the steamboat and my pimples all start to say hi to me.

==2nd February==

While waiting for Pinky.

Little Cottage for lunch with Pinky.
I loved the mushroom sup over there. It was damn nice. Slurp~

After dinner all of us went to Coffee Bean.
All of them rushed for assignment and I just went there for simpleness. :P

==3rd February==

Lunch at Old Town after class.
Just have a french toast, my stomach was full.
Plan to have PM revision over there as tomorrow have test.
However, end up snapping picture.

Favorite picture of the week. :)

Pinky pretending.

A very blur picture taken by Pinky.

Night, dinner at Max Gourmet.
Nothing much to elaborate about that.
After dinner everyone went back for revision. :)

==4th February==

4 hours break again. Sigh...
So damn bored and there was no place to go.
Headed to Guan Yin Ting first with Pinky.
One word-HOT that I could described the place.

Max Gourmet again for our lunch.
After that me and Pinky went to Redbox to meet up the rest.
Before lunch, taken pictures in the toilet.

I have a big panda eyes.

Redbox session.

This guy were so in love with my cam cam.

Now only I realised, we on the same color. :)


Kittie and Helmet Chan.

Helmet Chan.

Ms. Wong.

Camera shy.

Finally. =.=

Dinner at Winter Warmers again.
Thanks for Jingle's recommendation, I ordered ham sandwishes as my dinner.
I liked the thousand island sauce over there. :P
Chit chat with hubby's friend.
No pictures taken over there. Hehe...

==5th February==

Queensbay shopping with my hubby.
He got some pants and I got some nail polish. =.=
Lame. Could not get any nice clothes.

My family went to Jitra and they bought us jelly coconut. Woohoo~
The jelly coconut are the best ever.
Nicer than Penang one. :P

Final are just around the corner.
I have to work hard for it or else I am gonna dang again.
Last week will be the last week of this semester.
Time flies, 6 weeks gone and final came.
Anyway, CNY and valentine are coming soon. :P
Too bad I could not celebrate valentine with my hubby. :(

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