Feb 18, 2010

CNY & Valentine

Gosh gosh gosh~~
Exam are just around the corner and I am still in CNY mood.
Bad bad bad...
Was having steamboat for three days... T___T
Normal steamboat for the reunion dinner, super spicy steamboat for Chor 1, tomyam favorite for Chor 2. @.@
Strictly no more steamboat for the next 2 months.

Chor 3 my hubby came to my house. :)
Headed to my bestie's house to pai nian and then straight headed to Penang.
Having lunch at Little Cottage.
B said that was the replacement for valentine. Ahah...

Different menu for CNY and valentine celebration.

Mine fish and chips, kinda like the taste and the potion were so suited me.

Hubby's lamb chop.
He ordered salmon set but they gave him lamb chop. :(

Their services were bad than the previous time I went there.
Some more the air conditioner were too warm for the hot weather...
Sweating white having meals. =(

After that went to Gurney.
Plan to watch movie but the queue up was damn damn long.
I wanna to watch movie so so so badly...
Just have some shopping then went to beach.

Hubby busying with phone call...

The Indian's motorbike had broken down.
Many people were looking at them.

Bought a spec for myself~~~

Chor 4 some of my friends came to my house and we off for sushi at Jusco.
The sushi over there were sucks and the services were too lousy.
The sushi in the menu looked like A and it looked like Z when they served it. =.=
The first time to the restaurant and also will be the last time.

Hubby came to picked me up again and headed to his house for steamboat. =.=
Steamboat again... Lolx.
After steamboat went to meet up some friends who came back from Langkawi.
*I hope little Keona will love kitty.

It was too late to catch up my secondary school gathering...
Sorry ya VCC. ><
But then I thought the gathering was only for 5S1, but also 5S2?

Chor 5, Elica and Teresa were coming to my house~~~
Winks winks~~
Long time did not see Elica, she still the same. :)
My mum cooked hock kean mee and there were many people came to my house.
Casey were busy here and there because of the people.

Elica and Sherry Teoh~




After that headed to Jusco again to catch movie.
All's Well End's Well Too 2010
A funny movie, Angelababy was in the movie.
She was so awesome~~~ :P

Chilled at A&W after the movie.
Chit chat and talking a lot over there.

Vikram, the funniest one.
He was keep on shooting us this and that. =.=
Anyway, a nice and enjoyable day with him. :)
We should hang out more regular.

Long post huh? ><
Tomorrow are going to Penang again~ Winks winks~

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