Mar 1, 2010

Apple Ipod Touch

I felt freaking hot now and it was not a good weather to update my blog now.
Damn beh syok with the stupid weather.
OK, stop mumbling now and let's start the post.

Last Friday, which was the day after my exam, my hubby came to find me.
He was showing me the new iPod that he had brought.
He brought this without my acknowledgement. Hmm...
Anyway, I am going to used it since he had brought it.

Hubby download my favorite games,
Diner Dash.
Not bad for playing games but sometimes, my finger tips seem like a bit bigger compare to the mini icon that I need to press on.
I failed my mission sometimes due to the my inactive finger tips.
Never try the speaker yet as my laptop could not support iPod.
I got no idea why my lappi shut down when I plug in iPod.
I already got the latest itunes and yet it shut down my lappi!!!
Unhappy with it cause it do not want to be friend with my lappi.
It going dead the next day due to insufficient battery.

Plan to go temple for fortune telling on the day, but there was so many people when we arrived.
It happened because of my delaying. Ahah. ><
Then I got my fortune telling from the tarot at iPod. Swt...
Anyway, I am pissed off with the tarot results as it said I will fail my exam!!!
Cheh, stupid tarot, I am going to remove you from the iPod. Crap...

The advantage of the iPod was it is good to entertain me when I am sick of waiting.
Ohya, I heard that people can crack the games for iPod?
So stupid me to upgrade my Diner Dash at $4.99...
Now I am regrading and hoping to find someone that could help me to get all the games free. Shyyyyy.... Don't tell Apple ya. :P

The next day-Saturday.
My hubby came to find me due to the unfriendly relationship between the Ipod and my lappi.
Too bad Ipod had dead cause no source to charge it.
Then we headed to Sunway Carnival, Switch to get a adapter charger for it.

Oh man, it is not cheap at all for the Capdase charger.
Anyway, it can charge any of the iPod series so it is kinda worthy as I can charge iPod touch and my iPod shuffle together at one time on the same plug.
I loved apple product but I hate their price.
I am gonna to buy apple laptop when mine one is broken down.
I know it sound stupid cause the friends who knows me well know that I am sucks in computing.

Bought some hello kitty sweets from YinHoo at Sunway again before went back.
Looking for the materials for D.I.Y. cards.
I loved to DIY cards for the one I loved.
I used to do it for my parents, hubby, my bestie and my BFF.
Getting inspiration to DIY cards are torturing my brain. =.=
Sometimes, I took 1 day to complete a card.
My hubby always ask me don't do crafting as it waste time and energy.
But I just loved it.
Here are some of the cards I made before.
I know they look not as nice as those cards arranging on the rack in shops.

Last time, I used to spent my time shopping with my bestie to get our D.I.Y. materials.
I missed those moment. :)

Sherry Teoh, I want more blings at lowest price!!!

Having my dinner together with my neighbours and relatives.
Not much to elaborate about that night.
Just some pictures to share over here.

Cute girl- my cousin's daughter.

My sister.

Me, the blogger.

Last but not least, R.I.P. to Wui Leong's father who passed away three days ago.
Be strong and take well care of your mum and Gigi.

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