Jul 11, 2011

Hair Care

that I have been using recently. xD
Being efficient and effective in blogging. 
No more lazy bum bum because it's my holidays now and Imma so free!

Nothing to do so camho with hair care products. Lame =.=
Btw these are all the hair care products I'm using now.
May not applicable on everyone but these are what Imma using now and made me feel good.
Plus, it's my opinion and recommendations towards the products. No offense.

#2 Loreal Total Repair Night Essence.
This was introduced by my friends, they got two colours, orange and red.
I got both and the orange one already finishes.
Means it's really good or else I won't repeat for second time.
Btw I think the red one more suitable for me.
You don't have to worry your hair will be frizzy in the morning by applying this before you go to bed.
You can get this from Watson, Guardian or any supermarkets.
Price ranging below RM30.

#3 Hair Tonic from Toretoman.
At first I found this is really useful and it cure my sis's dandruff problem surprisingly.
But when time pass, I found it's not as effective anymore.
So I have been stop using it for weeks because I'm not really sure what's the reason of my hair fall.
And also I found a better one. =D
I got no idea where to get this because it was from my mom.
Btw this is not expensive and I still looking for better hair tonic.

#4 Sunsilk Shield & Frizz Control Light Cream, sample from CLEO.
I tried it for once and it's not bad.
Smoothing my hairs and it smell really good!

#5 So I go and purchase a small bottle to put in my bag and I can use it whenever I want.
I applied it whenever my hair smell bad, bad smell that affected by the environment.
Applied it everyday after hair wash and Liese Juicy Shower (below).
You can now get it from Watson or Guardian, price below RM5. RM4 something if not mistaken.

#5 Liese Juicy Shower.
Bought a refill pack after a bottle finished. Eventually the bottle broken down so cincai pick a bottle to fill in Juicy Shower.
It's berry smell and I found it works kinda well during the first bottle.
But as time goes it loss it's effectiveness. Like meh.. Why I bought a refill so stupid.
Btw I still applied it everyday. Contradict.

#6 Hair Vitamin Serum from Lesasha!
Somehow I called it hair oil capsule. =P
This is definitely so awesome and most of my gang members are using now!
I still remember one of my mission when I go to Thai was bought a lot of Lesasha hair oil capsule!
Imma not nuts because they are incredible, coming with three types of capsules with different function and smell.
Yea, the smell, they have seaweed, yogurt and one more green one (err, forgot and forgive pls).
I still remember my friends asking me what you apply on your hair? So nice. 
Then they start to use it and we were like smelling each other hair whenever we talk about Lesasha!

#7 I started to be Lesasha consumer when my bf get me the hair curler.
In case you don't know, Lesasha was from Thailand.
I got no idea where can I get their products in Penang now because I don't see them. =(
So I get the oil capsules from Thai.
Super love the curler and the oil capsules, best combo ever. =P

#8 Strongly recommended products so must camho more. XD

#9 One more, OK enough. =D
Hey all the bf please get this for your gf and make your girl's hair smell nicely for the whole day!
Yea I mean whole day, the smell is kinda lasting, so no worry!
It's like perfume for your hair!
And the best thing is one capsule can be use for 3-4 times (for me)!
Sound economic. LOL

#10 Seriously I almost cry when I saw people selling a bottle of this.
I was so touching and appreciated for giving me a chance to purchase them.
Normally they just sell in package like 7-8 capsules in Boots.
Nameh, the best ever hair oil!
Hey don't worry, it's not oily at all and your hands will feel dry after you apply.
Recommend recommend!!

#11 Just saja wanna show off the hello kitty bath series that I bought at Watson.
Strawberry, apricot, raspberry and cherry flavors.
Bought them during super deal (the 70% promotion). WTF so happy!
The best part was my mom knew I probably just buy them because of the bottles, she still support me to sapu 4 of them! So touching!! T___T
Some more asking my friends want or not. T_______T
Mon's the best.

#12 Asience Shampoo and Conditioner.
Shampoo and conditioner also second bottles. =D
You can get them from Watson and Guardian, price ranging at RM20++.
They have a very great yogurt smell and make your hair smell so good!
Not to mention the conditioner is really good, make your hair silky smooth!
However, I stop using the shampoo because.... I got this! (scroll down)

#13 Lakme prevention shampoo!
Recommended by Jingle to cure hair loss. WTF
I hate hair loss, hair loss cause me a lot of trouble!
My hair looks OK in the picture but it actually suffering from hair loss everyday.
I counted my hair fall after hair drying and I got hair lost of 20++!
Not even include during shampooing and conditioning. WTF 
Eh I count my hair fall not because of too free, is for future investigation. WTHhh I'm nuts. =.=
You can get this from SHINS, price RM176 for 1000ml.
I never buy a so expensive shampoo before, btw somehow, was the bf bought for me.Oppss
Thanks a lot anyway and guess what, my hair loss volume had reduce!
Now probably is below 15 hair fall during drying. 
After finish the whole bottle I will have no more hair fall!! Muahahahahaha
Btw Lekma was featuring in July CLEO!

#14 Hair mask from Essential.
Also get this from Thai because Malaysia got NO. Sigh
Essential masks are really creamy and nutrient.
I bought a set of them during the Hatyai trip but I think the shampoo and conditioner did not work so well on me. Only the hair mask make my hair feel good.
Price ranging... (forgot d cause I don't even look at the price during purchasing).

OK, that's all I got. Meh, is like so less.
Share some tips on how to keep your hair healthy, I mean smooth and straight. I'm still overcoming hair fall. WTF fail convincing post.

1. Never ever skip your conditioner, or else you will regret forever!
2. Hair mask is a must for your hair just like face mask for your face. If your hair is damaging, use hair mask everyday instead of conditioner.
3. Serum is a must for your hair too! To keep shinning and healthy.
4. Must must MUST apply hair oil or anything to prevent hair damage when you wanna straighten/curl your hair. If not, you will cry in the end of the day. Like me I'm applying the Lesasha oil capsule.
5. Last and the most important, the key success factor-hardworking! Mark that! There is only lazy girl in the world and not ugly girl.

Enjoy the post!
Good night.

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