Jul 14, 2011

The Shoponblog Giveaway

Log in into Facebook and saw this!
Shoponblog is having blogging giveaway contest!
So excited and can't wait to blog about them!
Basically Shoponblog is a website that sell all the Japanese Gyaru make up tools!

All you have to do is blog about this giveaway!
And post the blog link to Shoponblog's Facebook.

There are 5 attractive gift to giveaway!

#2 Dollywink Long Mascara!

#3 Fake lashes from Eyemazing!

#4,5 Fake lashes from Melliesh, 2 different series.

#6 And also Candy Doll cheek blusher!

Too awesome to miss?
Join the blogging contest now and stand a chance to win the 5 items from Shoponblog!
Stay updated with Shoponblog and their Twitter for more information.

The owner of Shoponblog, Chelsea Tan!
Credit to her for the blogging giveaway! XieXie!

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