Jul 7, 2011

iPhone's apps!!! Wheeettt~

I got nothing to do at home now and decided to share some awesome apps with you guys. 
I did a apps post before, just a brief one, please refer to HERE.
Btw that was January post. =P
Now Imma gonna introducing more! =D

Here are some awesome apps that I think they're too irresistible for not-to-download.

#1 Although iPhone comes together with a calender, girls always want something cute for everything!
So here the Canimals diary!

 #2 It comes with different templates every month.
Sorry Imma too lazy to arrange the templates from Jan to Dec, plus not enough place d! ><
Love the March theme!

Cute? One more thing good about this is it is FREE for download!!
You can write your diary inside, put pictures, or decorate your calendar with little cute decorations.
The original calender was so meh...=.=
Love calender that full of jotting and colourful!

#3 The What's app. 
I guess everyone would know it.
So useful and it doesn't cost a single bucks for sending message, eat that Maxis! Your SMS charging was making people poke!

#4 It looks like this. You can edit or change the background of your chatbox.
I think most people did not know that what's could actually send voice message too! 
Just click the arrow, and tap audio note. Aw, and sending pictures too! How naisss!
Eat that again Maxis, I don't need your MMS.

This app will cost 0.99 dollars, around RM3. 
RM3 for your whole life sending message bill! Who don't want?
I guess it's free for android? Not really sure.

However, what's was kinda unstable recently. 
What's going on? Line problem?

#5 Another awesome apps, Talkbox!
Hold to talk without charging a single cents in your bill.
Not to mention for people who use 3G.

Talkbox was FREE to download too!
How awesome is that? 
I can even talk to my friends in Singapore or when they go abroad! 
Talk to your family and friends who's abroad without worry about your phone bill.
Eat that again Maxis.

#6 BlogPress at 2.99 dollars. 
Anyway, I didn't bought it but shared it from Sharon.
So I don't have to purchase it since she already have. 

#7 It is so convenience for blogger who using Blogspot.
You can straight blog from your phone, like me!
I can upload pictures in my phones into BlogPress, save it and open in my laptop to reedit them.
Save the time of transferring photos.

#8 Another awesome apps for Penang people!
Apps introduced by YY, very useful!

#9 Get yourself updated before off to the bridge.
You could avoid from the traffic jam by having this apps.
You don't have to guessing the bridge will jam or not or praying no jam please whenever you wanna cross over the bridge.

Easy to use, Penang Bridge app at FREE!!!

#10 Cine Apps, convenience for movie lovers.
FRE for download too!

#11 You can check all the showtime in every cinema in Malaysia. 
Any state, any place. Like all in one. =D

#12 Emoji! Spot those cute little emotions in the what's there.
They are from Emoji!
This apps was recommended by Fionnie babe!

#13 I only downloaded the Lite version, full version at 0.99 dollars.
Anyway, the emotions in Lite version are more than enough to use.
Too cute to resist! Aww~

#14 You can applied Emoji in your keyboard, and use at anywhere!
There will be a tutorial show how to put Emoji in your keyboard.

#15 This is a dictionary apps, called KTdict C-E.
It accept English or Chinese. Translate English to Chinese, or vice versa.
This is for simply translation, for further understanding about the verbs, you still have to refer to real dictionary.

#16 Currency converter. The most easy-to-use one. =D
Super love, and the currency will updated from time to time. 
It content lots of currencies for you to choose, no worry!
Super awesome apps especially when you wanna to do online shopping. It helps a lot!

So here are some awesome apps to share.
Gonna stop here and get my dinner. =D
I wanna to do the photographic and games introductions in future! 
But Idk when because I got a lot of them, need some time to edit and arrange.

Feel free to comment if you have any question, at the bottom not at the chat box because my chat box was full of shit ads.

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