Jul 15, 2011

Farewell Gathering for BingBoy

A blog post before I off to gai gai. xD

Finally got all the photos of the gathering.
It was the last final exam day.
Argh!! The panda eyes was like forever regretful for burning midnight oil. FML

#2 We went to BBQ Plaza for lunch before Redbox!
Preparing for the farewell cards too!

 #3 All these made by Theing and we just wrote down our words. 
Very thank you to Theing cause the whole month we were rushing for assignments and exams.
Cry when you read this post please Bing Yi! Hah

#4 Group photos! Always love group photos because they were precious!

#5 Vincent, who came back from the USA.

#6 Jingle!

#7 With Teresa babe and Jingle babe! Hearts <3

#8 Sonia Chan! Haha

#9 We are having similar hair style! Long fringe is love!

#10 Ops, spotted.

#11 Picture with Bing Yi before he off to Aus.

#12 We went for some grocery shopping after Redbox to complete Bing Yi's shopping list.
Everyone was like meh, so sampat, cold storage pun camho?

#13 Edited by Theing, the farewell cards.
We have a very sweet memory in DBS, these were all proven in the photos. 
We gonna miss you and please inform us whenever you come back to M'sia.TQ
Do take care in Aus and fried veggies are really simple. =D Don't worry!

Now take those farewell cards look and read again then tear. Arigato. XD

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